When loud noise is coming from your computer or your laptop making buzzing noise that seems to become louder as your computer gets warmer, then it’s not something to ignore. Because the noisy computer fan is the first sign that a fan inside your computer is not working properly. If you do not know how to silence your noisy computer fan, then read this post to prevent your computer from being frying.

Computer fans are important hardware component as their main object is to help remove the large amount of heat generated by CPU, Graphics Cards, power supply and other hardware. When computer perform tasks it generate heat due to electrical resistance and that’s where processor fan play their part.

Why is my laptop computer fan so loud? There are different reasons which causes noisy computer fan but most probably it is the overheating problem. That’s why computer experts recommends to regularly monitor the temperature of you PC. But here are few tips which you can use to maintain normal temperature of your PC. These DIY tips are also helpful in silencing the noisy computer fan.

Tips To Silent Noisy Computer Fan

If your PC computer making buzzing noise which irritates you and you want to quite PC fans. Below are given three distinct strategies for solving loud noise fan problem for free.

Check Memory Consumption of Your Process

CPU intensive apps like games & videos push your PC fans to it limits causing loud computer fan. That is why processor fan spins madly. But if you aren’t messing with these apps and still your processor showing high consumption. Then there’s need to check which process is eating up your CPU memory.

Noisy Computer Fan

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In Windows OS, Windows Task Manager is the easiest way to check memory consumption. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and a windows will pop up, if you are mac users open Activity Monitor it also serves the same purpose (why is my mac fan so loud). Now check in CPU usage column to see which app is consuming more memory in your CPU’s power. As an example, when any app goes out of control, it start consume 100% of CPU and memory load. If everything seems normal and load percentage is between 10% to 20%. It means that your computer CPU is not overusing itself, rather it’s the noisy computer fans itself.

Before you make sure that it’s the noisy computer fan that causing problem, also check your GPU fan. What if the GPU temperature that’s pushing PC fan to spin like mad. In that situation check if there’s a latest GPU driver update. For that visit official site and update your GPU’s drivers, this approach usually quiet computer fans.

Cool Down your PC

Usually, it’s the computer CPU heat that poses serious threats to your internal hardware. But there’s a reason for that. Almost all laptop have their intake air vents at bottom side. While using when you put laptop computer on your lap or on uneven surface. You do not allow enough heat escape which causes overheating in your laptop and loud laptop fan noise. Although, there are ways to fix the problem of laptop overheating. For now you can place a little wooden box or stick beneath your laptop allowing more fresh sir. You can also buy laptop cooling pad which are not very costly.noisy computer fan

For desktop PC make sure that there’s ample vacant space around it. In desktop adequate airflow in required in and around it so you need to place your PC outside of cupboard, if it’s inside it. Specially when summer season arrive, do not keep your laptop or desktop computer in closed room. If kept in closed room it will cause a rise in temperature. Unlike desktop, laptop has certain heat limit, and when laptop gets close to that limit it will start malfunction or get hang. If your laptop fan constantly running then it might be a wire loose issue. The processor fan is controlled by 4th wire where its yellow in color in most 4 pin fans unlike the 3 pin chassis fans, if the yellow one gets disconnected, it will cause laptop fan always on at it’s full 100% rpm.

Regularly Clean Your Computer Fan

If the above two steps are not helping you out in silencing the noisy computer fan. Then you need to open up your computer and start cleaning. Remember, dust is the major enemy of these machines, it causes overheating issues which may be why you have a noisy computer fan. We have already explained in our previous post of preventing computer from overheating the way to clean the dust out of your computer. All you need is can of compressed air and isopropyl alcohol.noisy computer fan

You should also use some grease or lubricant on your PC fans, it will remove the friction and your fan sound. It will help your computer fan to run faster and quieter. Before you start fixing your PC fans read some guides on ifixit. Clean CPU fan, graphics card fan and any other component having fan on it. Clean the power supply fan and computer case fan using Canned air. Canned air works great for CPU fans cleaning which will cost you around $5 USD at Amazon.

But what if all the above steps doesn’t yield any result or laptop fan not working, then you need to entirely remove CPU fan or any other PC fan and replace it with new fan. Because either the PC fan is broken or has stop working properly, that’s why above mentioned steps are not giving you any relief. You can buy the spare fan from nearby computer electronic store or from internet as well.

It’s also pertinent to mention here that there are many fan controller software on the internet. Some of these tools are Speedfan, SMcFanControl and macs fan control. These are free monitoring tools which also allows you to manually control the computer fan speed. But you must not use these tools unless you have advance knowledge about these apps. If you do not know the science behind these fan controller gadgets, then you will likely make a mistake and cause serious damage to your computer.

For instance if your computer making noise and you slow down fan speed using Speedfan app before your computer cool itself down. It will cause overheat. To some extent these free software can also help you figuring out the noisy computer fan by increasing the fan speed. But i personally will not recommend you to play with these computer fan speed controller apps.

If you apply above mentioned steps, it will definitely fix the computer fan noise problem. Have any other suggestion for fixing noisy computer fan then share with us!

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