As the mac-books have more advance hardware and software technologies then the usual one’s, so most users ignores to monitor mac’s fans. Until their mac’s fans are struck with serious problem. If you are one of them and at some point you hear mac fans running constantly without any cause. Or your mac book fan has stopped working, causing increase in Mac temperature. Then you should probably get serious and start monitor mac’s fans speed.

But what mac’s fans control app is more reliable that fulfills your needs? Luckily, we have the best fan control which can monitor mac’s fans speed. The Macs Fan control is a free program that allows you to check your mac’s temperature. You can also control and monitor mac’s fans speed with macs fan controller. With this speed fan controller you can adjust fan speed manually. But if you don’t have required knowledge then do not deal wit it.

How To Use Macs Fan Control

To use macs fan control gadget first, visit Macs Fan Control download page and download mac version. This app is also available for windows operating systems but ignore that version. When you click on download button, it’s file will open in ZIP folder which you can UNZIP it simply by clicking on it.

Now take the app icon to the application folder and open it up. A list will appear showing mac’s fans on left side and all other temperature emitting component on right side.

Monitor Mac's Fans Speed

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There you can check CPU temperature which always remain high then any other mac’s component. Another point to remember her is that you should also monitor your CPU temperature as it’s the most important component of every system.

But this post only concerned with monitoring mac’s fans speed so we will stick to it. The macs fan control app displays minimum, current, and maximum speed in clean order. This order help you as to when the fan speed should be increased and when to decrease. For instance, while checking CPU temperature you see that it’s reaching 80 degree Celsius or above it’s clearly means that fans are not running properly. So, you should increase the macs fan speed. On the contrary, if displayed figure of CPU temperature is low e.g. 45 degree Celsius or even lower, but the fans are constantly running. It also shows that your mac’s fans have some issue that need to be solved.

To make sure of it’s the fan that causing problem. You can click “Custom” fan speed button.

Monitor Mac's Fans Speed

Image Credits: HowToGeek

When you click on that button, fans starts running now try to hear fan sound. If you cannot hear the fan sound that means your mac’s fans has some issue. At this particular moment, do not try to disable automatic fan control option because if you disabled automatic fan control your fan will run constantly resulting in waste of energy and depreciation of hardware. On the other hand, this attempt can also cause mac overheating problem. The manual control feature of this application is only suitable when you want to test you mac fans.

How to Solve Your Mac’s Fans Problem

If you are certain that your mac book fans are broken or dealing with some issue than the fist thing you should do is to launch Apple Diagnostics built-in tool. To launch this built in program, first turn off your computer and while it turn on press and hold “D” key. By doing this your mac book will diagnose hardware and if there is any problem with fan it will let you know.

If the diagnose shows that you have faulty fan then replace it. But hold on, only make contact with authorized apple store in case you want to purchase mac hardware. Don’t try to replace it on your own because MacBook Pro are now involves great deal of expertise. Although, it’s not impossible for home repair but for that you should visit iFixIt and read guides before you make a attempt.

But if the diagnose report tells you that fan hardware is good, then your issue is related with software. If that’s the case, try to reset SMC. The SMC is a low-level controller that manages thermal management and other things. usually it solve the problem but if the issue persists then visit Apple Store, or another authorized repair shop.

If you don’t like mac’s fan control app then you have other options too. Most famous mac fan control apps includes SMC Fan Control and iStat Menus. These Mac application also allow users to monitor mac’s fans speed by manually increasing or decreasing fan speed.

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