Advance 6 Rust Tips And Tricks You Might Not Know Yet

These trusty Rust survival tips and tricks will help you survive and thrive.

Rust is undoubtedly one of the most popular online games out there. Even if you have not played this game before, it would be unfathomable that you have not heard of it. This unique survival game has left its mark in the online gaming community, which will surely take some time for gamers to forget.

What sets this game apart is the lack of any semblance of rules, goals, or even objectives in the gameplay. It is truly the wild west of online games.

But while all this might sound intriguing enough, surviving in Rust is not easy. In fact, the lack of rules and goals makes the task even harder, as many players would not even know where to start. But don’t panic, as we have compiled six excellent tips and trips of Rust that will surely help in your gameplay. You can also visit for more tricks and useful tips.

1. Be extra careful about cooking your meal

The easiest way to lose the game is by giving your location away by cooking your meal at night. It is simply not the brightest idea you could have. Lighting a fire in the nighttime is a sure way to invite every enemy player in the vicinity to attack your location. Now, you can also use this as a trick and set up a trap, but more experienced players are wiser about it. No, it is better to avoid cooking any meal at night.

2. Choose the server that is the right fit for you

One great thing about Rust is choosing your server at your convenience. And what is even better is that many of the servers are beginners friendly, allowing one to select the server that is more suited to their level. And while no matter how much you want to test your mettle against the best players in the game, it is far better to get some experience under the belt first.

3. Don’t hide all your treasure in one location

What is the saying, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ Something along the same lines applies in Rust as well. Looting is quite common in Rust. So, naturally, you need to take countermeasures against that. But regardless of your measure, there is nothing full proof in this game. Make sure to hide your treasure in more than one location and this is one of the best things you can do. This trick will help you ensure that you never go broke in one move.

4. Stay away from hotspots

Going to popular areas is a foolish way beginner players can go about their game. And while it is pretty understandable why one would prefer to go to hotspots like the monuments as they usually contain the biggest loot. But the chances of you surviving any encounter are close to nil. Only foray there when you have protective clothing that can help you against radiation and are equipped with high-class weapons, which will surely come in handy. Till then, it would be better only to raid small monuments, which are significantly safer.

5. Why not gather scrap around the coast?

Scraps are an essential item in Rust. The reason is that they can craft all kinds of tools in the game that would come in handy. And what is even better is that they are usually found on the coast area, which is significantly safer than the large monuments. So, get a boat from the fishing village and start collecting scraps. You can also craft weapons from these scraps, which could prove to be massively helpful in surviving this game.

6. Keep an eye on your health meter

If you look closely at your gaming screen, you will find three tabs on the bottom right corner. These tabs indicated the character’s health, calorie, and radiation levels. In all of these, health is the most important and one you need to keep an eye out for. If the health bar ever goes too low, you need to ingest food in your body immediately; otherwise, you will lose the game. So, always have enough food with you to keep your health levels above a certain level.

In case you are injured, consuming a couple of food items can quickly get your health back up. So, keeping your health levels in check at all times is indeed mandatory for you.

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