God of War Ragnarok – How to Transmog Armor and Weapon

Transmog Armor functionality was introduced in God of War way back in 2018. So the players were very happy that they can customize their appearance. Transmog is basically transforming your Character (Kratos) by looking wise.

How you want your character to be looked. This time in God of War Ragnarok developers give you free hands so you can customize your character without affecting your combat stats and abilities. So this game not only allows you to upgrade your items but also allows you to change their look.

If you still can’t figure out how to transmog your armor and Weapon in God of War RagnarΓΆk? Then in this guide, we will discuss how you can change your gear’s appearance.

How To Unlock Transmog in GoD Ragnarok

After hearing the Transmog system players are looking at how to transmog and where we find the transmog. You can’t find the Transmog option at the beginning of the game.

You can unlock it later in the game. First, you need to upgrade the item to its maximum level to open the Transmog. After upgrading to level 9 you will be able to change its appearance.

How To Unlock Transmog in GoD Ragnarok

How to Transmog Armor in God of War RagnarΓΆk

God of War Ragnarok let you change the look of the weapons and armor by Transmog Function. Which will affect the appearance, not the ability. You need to level up the item to its maximum level and gather resources to upgrade.

How To Transmog Weapon

You can transmog your weapon which includes the Levithan Axe and The Weapon of Chaos. First, fully upgrade. Gather all the resources to upgrade them.

After upgrading Levithan Axe you will see the option to change Appearance. But make sure there is no attachment to the Axe in order to apply the Appearance. There are only five appearances for the Levithan Axe. It doesn’t change your appearance every single time you level it simply is that in case you are wondering. You can choose the appearance of your choice.

How To Transmog Weapon in GoD ragnarok?

The same goes for the Weapon of Chaos. Upgrade the blades to the maximum level and change the appearance of your choice. The Weapon of Chaos also has five appearances. You can also change the appearance of the attachments but it will do minor changes in the appearance. Because you control the handle of the blades and Axe which will hide it under your hands.

How To Transmog Armor

You can also Transmog Armor and select the appearance of your choice. If you know the series from the beginning you will definitely choose the old appearance of Kratos.

One thing for you to understand here you can change the appearance of the specific item that you have upgraded. For Example, you can only change the chest armor appearance it will not let you choose the appearance of the wrist and waist armor. You need to upgrade all the items specifically to change appearance.

transmog armor

This is how you can Transmog Armor and Weapon. I hope this guide will help you.

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