A Plague Tale: Requiem Best Upgrades For Weapon & Gears

Choose your weapon upgrades wisely.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is an Action-Adventure game with a playstyle of your choice. If you wish to play it stealthily or aggressively, the choice is completely yours.

As you progress in the game, you’ll get different weapons and you can use them with different types of ammo on your enemies to pass through all of them. Players can also upgrade their weapons to increase stability or damage to the weapon to make them more effective against enemies.

In this guide will explain how to upgrade gear and what are the best upgrade choices in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

A Plague Tale: Requiem – How to Upgrade Gear and Best Upgrade Choices

After learning about crafting in the 2nd chapter of the game, you’ll be given a tutorial on upgrading your weapons at the Workbench. The weapons are also upgraded with the resources you collect from the chests. The Slingshot and the crossbow weapons have three different upgrades and you need to upgrade each one by one in order to get the last upgrade.

Each upgrade requires a different number of resources and it can be upgraded on a workbench that can be found in every chapter in someplace. You need to interact with the workbench and you’ll get the menu of all upgrades that you can do on the workbench.

If you have upgraded the instruments and unlocked the second upgrade which is the Traveler Tool then you’ll be able to upgrade the equipment anywhere without using a workbench.

A Plague Tale: Requiem All Weapons Upgrades

The Slingshot and the Crossbow are the two weapons that Amicia will use with different types of ammo. Both of these weapons can be upgraded and enhance their abilities.

1.   Sling Upgrades

  • Softened Cords: By softening the cords, Amicia makes less noise when she uses the sling.
  • Double Cradle: By adding a second cradle to the sling, Amicia can shoot a second time before reloading.
  • Elongated Cords: By extending the cords, rocks shot with the sling are more powerful and stun enemies longer.

2.   Crossbow Upgrades

  • Flexible Limb: Choosing a softer metal for the limb of the crossbow will enable Amicia to reload it much faster.
  • Bigger Quiver: With a larger quiver, Amicia can carry additional bolts.
  • Reinforced Bolts: By reinforcing the crossbow bolts, Amicia can recover them from enemies’ corpses.

3. Other Important Upgrades

  • Strong Fire: Best Alchemy upgrade
  • Bottomless Bag: Best Gear upgrade
  • Traveler Tools: best Instruments upgrade
  • Unbreakable Tool: Best Instrument upgrade

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