A Plague Tale: Requiem How To Get Bracer Secret Armor Set

Bracer secret Armor will help Amicia in her journey.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a story-driven action-adventure game with a load of action. If you’ve played its previous part you will know about the famous rat hordes in the world of A Plague tale.

A Plague Tale: Requiem introduces upgrades and improved crafting mechanics. Most of these upgradable items are linked with the world of A Plague Tale as you will find them in different chests.

Amicia the main character of the story has tool upgrades for her equipment throughout the game which can be upgraded and will help her.

In this article, we will be helping you find the Amica’s Bracer Armor set that improves damage recovery.

How to get the Bracer secret Armor Set For Amica

How To Find Bracer Armor in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Bracer is not a main storyline armor set and item. So, you can only obtain it in the Smuggler’s Den. Smuggler’s Den is unlocked by doing a side puzzle. The Windmill Puzzle will unlock the Smuggler’s Den.

You can check the Windmill puzzle guide for how to solve the Windmill Puzzle in order to unlock the Smuggler’s Den. You will have to start and stop the windmills in a sequence to solve the Windmill puzzle which will unlock a pathway to find the cave.

After the Windmill puzzle has been solved, you will hear a door unlock beneath you. You have to go behind the Windmill IV, you will find stone arches on the ground and you can get through them.

There will be a hole in the ground and a ladder. You have to use the ladder to get down the cave. You’ve to follow the cave pathway and you will find the Opened door that was opened by solving the Windmill puzzle.

Opening Chests in Smuggler’s Den

How To Opening Chests in Smuggler’s Den

After you’ve made your way down the cave you will be finally reached the Smuggler’s Den. You will find two chests in the Smuggler’s Den. You have to unlock both chests, from one of the chests you will mainly find the upgrade materials.

From the other chest you will find the Bracer which is the secret armor set reward which can only be found through the smuggler’s Den.

Bracer is really helpful during fights and will help Amicia recover fast even if she is down, she will get up fast from attacks.

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