A Plague Tale: Requiem How To Solve Windmill Puzzle – Walkthrough

This puzzle may be optional but it has a great reward.

In a nutshell, Windmill 1 and Windmill 2 need to be off, while Windmill 3 and Windmill 4 need to be on To Solve The Plague Tale: Requiem Windmill Puzzle

A Plague Tale Requiem has been released and it is famous for its big hordes of rats and puzzles. The Windmill puzzle is one of the toughest puzzles in this new game. The windmill puzzle is not the main puzzle instead it’s a side puzzle that can be unlocked in Chapter 9 and onwards.

Mainly in the Plague Tale: Requiem you will be searching for the smuggler’s treasure. Windmill Puzzle is not a mandatory part of the main story so you can opt to skip it. However, solving The Plague Tale: Requiem Windmill Puzzle will get a secret armor.

In this article, we have explained how you can easily solve A plague Tale: Requiem Windmill Puzzle.

Where To Find The Windmill Puzzle Location

After you have progressed on the island of La Cuna in Chapter 9 reach the palace of La Cuna. Make your way down the palace, you will find a bunch of Windmills to your right. Just follow the path from the road to the Windmills and you’re good to go.

A Plague Tale Requiem Windmill Puzzle

There are four Windmills in the area. Each Windmill entrance door, if you see above is marked with symbols. These are roman numbers marked above the entrance of the doors to the windmills.

The windmills are marked in roman numbers as No. 1 to No. 4. There are also images mentioned besides the number of the Windmill which is directly linked to solving the Windmills puzzle.

Windmill I Clue

You will find a rock diagram which is near the mountains on the entrance gate of Windmill no. 1. Go to the lowest level of the palace and turn left side. Here you will find a track that is going up a cliff. Follow that track and you will reach an area beside mountains that has a circle of rocks.

Check all the rocks one by one and you’ll find one of the rocks marked with I. This is for the first Windmill. Now check the other rock and you’ll find a stopped photo of Windmill, meaning you’ve to stop Windmill no. 1.

To stop Windmill No. 1 open the door to Windmill 1 and grab the parts, then deactivate the Windmill.

Windmill II Clue

At the door of Windmill No. 2, you will find a zig-zag path and stairs. Now, go back to the main path where the palace is and you will find some people praying to a stone.

Solve Winndmill 2 Puzzle in the Plague of Requirm

You’ve to get to the stone and you’ll find the stone marked with II on the back. You’ve to check for the state of the Windmill, you will find another stopped Windmill diagram which means you’ve to make Windmill no. 2 stop as well.

To stop Windmill 2, you’ll have to pull down a rope behind the windmill to clear space then go inside to deactivate Windmill No 2.

Windmill III Clue

Windmill III Clue in A Plague Tale Requiem

At Windmill No. 3 there’s a mark of fish in a river near the rocks. Go to the opposite side and you will find a bridge where you will find fishermen. Get past the fisherman and go to the left of the bridge.

While following the river you will reach a place where rocks are placed in a swing design with the giant rock placed in the middle. The design of the rocks denotes that the Winmill III should be moving.

Now go back to Windmill 3 and push a cart forward to open up space. Tell Hugo to crawl through a small space to open the door. Once you are in make sure that Windmill 3 stays on.

Windmill IV Clue

Solve Windmill IV Puzzle

Now for the last Windmill, you will find a barn diagram at the entrance. That means you have to go to the barn but its main door is locked.

Go to the right side of the barn and you will find a ladder to climb up to get on the roof. Looking through the window shoot down a sling then dislodge two wooden planks from the main door.

Now, head inside and activate Windmill 4.

What’s The Windmill Puzzle Reward

unique bracer for Amicia to equip

If you have followed our guide correctly you will hear a loud noise with earth-shaking. Head back to the secret passage and you will find an unlocked pathway that leads to the cave.

Once inside you will find the den of treasure stored by the smugglers. Here you will find a part to upgrade your equipment and tools.

Above all, here you will also find a bracer for Amicia to equip. this tool helps Amica to recover faster from enemy attacks.

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