How to Use Special Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Executing special skills can give you a major advantage during fights. Here is how to use them.

Each and every character in One Piece Odessy has its own skill, abilities, and moves combo. You need to use them wisely during the battle. You can also switch over to different characters and use the skill of your choice. However, you can use only one skill at a time.

In this guide, we will discuss all character’s special skills in One Piece Odyssey.

There are a total of Nine Playable Characters in One Piece Odyssey. They have different skills and abilities that you can use in the game.

  1. Monkey D. Luffy
  2. Nami
  3. Roronao Zoro
  4. Nico Robin
  5. Sanji
  6. Usopp
  7. Chopper
  8. Franky
  9. Brook

How to Use Special Skills of Characters in One Piece Odyssey

In One Piece Odyssey players can acquire various skills to help them in battle and exploration. These skills include sword fighting techniques, devil fruit abilities, and Haki powers.

Each skill can be leveled up and customized to fit the player’s playstyle. With a wide variety of skills to choose from, players can create their own unique pirate and experience the world of One Piece in a new and exciting way.

There are two types of skills in the One Piece Odyssey that you can use.

  1. Field Skills
  2. Battle Skills

How to use Field Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Field Skills are the easiest ones to use because you can use them only in the environment. You need to press these buttons.

  • For Normal Field skill, you need to press R2 Button.
  • For Special Field Skill, you need to press L2 Button to aim at the target and then press R2 to utilize the skill.

How to use Battle Skills in One Piece Odyssey

You can use Battle Skills only in the battle. During the battle, you can switch between the character and use your favorite skills. This is the method through which you can use battle skills.

  • While Battling presses the Right D-Pad Button which will open the skills of the selected character.
  • Use the right stick on your controller or use the up and down D-Pad Buttons to select the desired skill.

Each and every character has Tension Points (TP). TP will be shown above the character skills. You need to have the TP points in order to utilize the skills. If you don’t have the required TP points you cannot use the skills.