All Cheats In The Last of Us Part 2 For PC (Infinite Ammo & Invincibility)

Become invincible.

The Last of Us Part 2 is full of mystery and intrigue. The chapters are difficult and recourses are limited. If you are searching for The Last of Us 2 cheats for PC then you are in right place.

To make the game easier & interesting the developers have added cheat codes for The Last of Us Part 2. Now you can have more fun while playing replays of Ellie and Abby’s adventure

So, in this guide, we’ll tell you all The Last of Us 2 cheats which are pretty useful and makes your game more engaging. So, let’s take a look.

How To Activate Last of Us Part 2 Cheats on PC

You can only use cheats in Last of US when you have already finished the Story Mode. After that, you need to enable cheats from the Extra – Gameplay Modifiers menu.

All Last of Us Part 2 Cheats on PC

Here we have listed all the last of us 2 cheat codes to get infinite ammo, invincibility, one-shot kill, and more.

Cheat Description
Mirror World Horizontally flips the game world rendering. 
Mirror on DeathHorizontally flips the game world rendering each time you die. Just in case you like confusion.
Slow MotionSelf-explanatory
Bullet Speed Mode Enters slow-mo during gunfights.
Infinite AmmoUnlimited ammunition on all guns.
Infinite CraftingUnlimited crafting resources.
Infinite Melee Durability Melee weapons don’t break.
Infinite Listen Mode RangeListen Mode detects the enemy at unlimited range.
One-ShotGunshots kill instantly.
Touch of DeathMelee hits kill instantly.
8-bit AudioRetro-styled audio filter.
4-bit AudioRetro-styled audio filter.
Helium AudioPitches up all voices in a comedic manner.
Xenon AudioRetro-styled audio filter.

Along with these cheats, there are also several new graphics options for players to try. Here’s the list:

  • Saves now displays playtime up to the second
  • Film Grain Adjustment option
  • Disable Listen Mode option
  • Motion Sensor Function Aiming option
  • Arc Throw HUD Display option
  • Aiming Acceleration Scale option
  • Aiming Ramp Power Scale option

Where To Find Last of Us Part 2 Cheats for PS4/PS5

Are you searching PS4 cheat codes for the last of us? Unfortunately, there aren’t any last of us part 2 cheat codes for PS4.

However, there are some unlockables, tips & tricks that you can use in the game to get unlimited resources on PS4. There are also the last of us 2 trophies that you have to unlock.


Can you cheat Last of Us 2 without beating the game?

There is a catch; players must first beat the game on any difficulty level to unlock the cheats. Since most of the trophies can be received by simply playing through the game, modifiers for The Last of Us 2 will only be helpful with finishing up the trophies players missed on their first playthrough.

How do you unlock modifiers in The Last of Us 2?

Earned points can be spent to unlock gameplay modifiers, concept art, character models, and render modes.

Can you get all skills in Last of Us 2?

As was the case in the original, it isn’t possible to unlock every skill in a single playthrough, and you will need to play through the game again on New Game + to max everything out. In the Last of Us 2, each Training Manual has five skills associated with it, and skills must be unlocked sequentially.

What is the best weapon in The Last of Us 2?

The best weapon in The Last of Us Part 2 is easily the crossbow. It’s completely silent and doesn’t need to be drawn like Ellie’s bow. 

Can you reuse arrows in The Last of Us 2?

The arrows are reusable but have a chance of breaking. They can break when striking an infected in the head, and always break when they hit bloaters, regardless of where they hit.

Does the last of us remastered have unlimited ammo?

Players also can’t collect or craft ammunition infinitely, instead only able to carry a certain amount based on the type of gun they are collecting ammunition for.