All Franky Abilities & Skills in One Piece Odyssey (Character Guide)

Explaining all Franky battle, skills, equipment, and trophies stats.

Franky is a giant and part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Franky is the designer of the pirates. Franky dream is to cover the sea journey with Luffy on the ship that they build. Franky has Speed ATK Type.

In One Piece Odyssey Each and Every character has skills and skills have two types. Battle Skills and Field Skills.

In this guide, we have explained Franky Skills stats, battle skills, and equipment in One Piece Odyssey.

Franky Character’s Stats


All Franky Battle Skills and Stats

These are all battle skills of Franky. These skills can be used in battles with bosses and other enemies. Below is a list of skills withΒ required Tension Points (TP).

Battle SkillTP NeededATK TypeDescriptionRange
Weapons Left25 TPSpeedFranky will summon the machine from his left hand and shoots at the enemy. Close Range
Cola Charge40 TPNoneThis skill will increase the ATK for three turns.Self Range
Coup De Vent118 TPSpeedFranky will fire a cannon fueled with cola at the enemies which will knock them.Long Range
Strong Cola Charge70 TPNoneThis skill also increases ATK power for 3 turns.Close Range
Franky Fire Ball110 TPSpeed BurnFranky will shoot a big fireball from his mouth at the enemies.Close Range
Nipple Light Special130 TPNoneFranky will flash the light from his nipple which will blind the targets.Close Range
Franky Cannon120 TPSpeed BurnFranky will summons two cannons from his shoulders and shoot the cannon balls.Close Range
Max Cola Charge90 TPNoneIt will dramatically increase ATK power.Close Range
Franky Radical Beam230 TPSpeedFranky will shoot the laser beam from his hands and it will burn the target.Close Range
Franky Iron Boxing190 TPSpeedFranky will swing his palm and unleash multiple punches at the enemy which will faint the enemies.Close Range
franky weapons left skill

All Franky Field Skills

These are all the Franky Field Skills. These skills can be used while exploration in the game.

Skill NameSkill Usage/Description
Impromptu BuildImpromptu Build is only a field skill of Franky. This skill will help Franky to create the stairs in midair by using the materials.
franky iron boxing skill

Franky Unlocks These Trophies and Achievements

TrophyHow to Unlock
Franky SkywalkBuild a bridge 10 times with Franky Skywalk.
Cube Collector: FrankyCollect 20 Franky’s cube fragments.

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