All Nico Robin Skills in One Piece Odyssey (Character Guide)

Explaining all Nico Robin battle, skills, equipment, and trophies stats.

Nico Robin is the Archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She has a vast knowledge of pirate history and places. Nico Robin wants to forget her past and learns more about the true history of pirates with her friends. Nico Robin has Technique ATK type.

In One Piece Odyssey, every character has different skills of two types i.e. Battle Skills and Field Skills.

In this guide, we have explained Nico Robin’s Skills stats, battle skills, and equipment in One Piece Odyssey.

Nico Robin Character’s Stats


All Nico Robin Battle Skills and Stats

These are all the battle skills of Nico Robin. These skills can be used in battles with bosses and other enemies. Below is a list of skills with required Tension Points (TP).

nico robin
Battle SkillTP NeededATK TypeDescriptionRange
Treinta Fleurs Flip28 TPTechniqueNico Robin will summon multiple sparkling pink hands from the ground and attack the enemy with a slash.Long Range
Dos Fleurs Grab80 TPTechniqueNico Robin will Summon two big hands and then grab to throw the yellow lightning on the enemy.Long Range
Cien Fleur Delphinium110 TPTechniqueNico Robin will summon countless hands from the ground. Those hands will move forward and attack the enemy and throw them at a distance.Close Range
Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano Shock110 TPTechniqueIn this ability, Nico Robin will summon four big hands from the ground. They will come to gather and do a fist smash on the ground. This skill will cause the opponent to faint.Long Range
nico robin atk skill

All Nico Robin Field Skills

These are all the Nico Robin Field Skills. These skills can be used while exploration in the game.

Skill NameSkill Usage/Description
BloomThis field skill helps the Robin to destroy the objects which will get you the materials and items.
Archeologist AppraisalsThis Skill will use to appraise the items.

Nico Robin Unlocks These Trophies and Achievements

TrophyHow to Unlock
Archeologist’s AppraisalCollect 20 items with Archaeologist’s Appraisals.
Cube Collector: Nico RobinCollect 30 Robin’s cube fragments.

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