All Tony Tony Chopper Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Explaining all Chopper battle, skills, equipment, and trophies stats.

Tony Tony Chopper is the smallest character among all the characters but he can evolve into a giant deer. Tony Tony Chopper is a human reindeer that likes to eat Human-Human Fruit.  Tony Tony Chopper helps the pirates as a ship doctor. Tony Tony Chopper has a Power ATK Type.

In One Piece Odyssey every character has skills and skills have two types. Battle Skills and Field Skills.

In this guide, we have explained Chopper Skills stats, battle skills, and equipment in One Piece Odyssey.

Tony Tony Chopper Character’s Stats


All Tony Tony Chopper Battle Skills and Stats

These are all the battle skills of Chopper. These skills can be used in battles with bosses and other enemies. Below is a list of skills with required Tension Points (TP).

Battle SkillTP NeededATK TypeDescriptionRange
Heal (Single)60 TPNoneThis skill helps the teammates to heal their HP by 50 Percent.Long Range
Care (Single)40 TPNoneThis ability helps your teammates to cure their status and also restores the HP by 20 percent.Close Range
Arm Point17 TPPowerThe chopper will evolve into giant deer and shoot through his hoof which will faint the enemies.Close Range
Cloven Roseo48 TPPowerIn this ability, Chopper will power up a giant pink flame ball and shoots at the enemy.Close Range
Cloven Cross60 TPPowerThe chopper will summon a pink flame ball and then power it up to throw at the enemies.Close Range
Heal (1 Area)80 TPNoneThis ability will restore the HP of all the teammates by 70 percent. Long Range
Cloven Roseo Metal95 TPPowerThe chopper will convert himself into a giant muscular Deer and then he will shoot multiple pink balls.Close Range

All Tony Tony Chopper Field Skills

Skill NameSkill Usage/Description
PunchThis is a destruction skill and each character will have this skill but with a different name. Punch skills will help you to destroy the objects.

Tony Tony Chopper Unlocks These Trophies and Achievements

TrophyHow to Unlock
Cube Collector: ChopperCollect 30 Chopper cube fragments.

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