Argus Monitor Download (2024 Latest Version)

Fan Control and System Monitoring tool for Windows PC.

Argus Monitor is a fan control and system monitoring tool for Windows PC. With the Argus hardware monitor software, you can manually control all PC fans that are connected to supported hardware. Be it the fans connected to your motherboard, an AIO cooling solution, or an external fan controller you can easily set the fan speed minimum or maximum.

You can change fan control values or set the custom fan curves to control fan speed based on any temperature source, like CPU or GPU temperature, HDD/SSD temperatures, or temperature readings from your motherboard or AIO sensor channels.

Argus monitor Download latest version for Free
  • Latest Version: 6.2.03
  • File Size: 11.4 MB
  • Requirements: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • Updated: April 06, 2023
  • Developer: Argotronic GmbH

You can also check CPU temperature and prevent your computer from potential overheating issues.

The updated Argus Monitor free version is free from any virus, malware, or adware. Due to its small size, it doesn’t take up much space on your hard disk.

Argus Monitor Download For PC & Laptop

Download the Argus fan control monitors free full version on 30 days trial. This app supports Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows XP both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Currently, this fan control app doesn’t support Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu but in the future, they are willing to launch versions that support these OS.

Supported Hardware of Fan Control App

You can install and use this fan control utility if you have Asus, gigabyte, or NZXT hardware installed on your system.

For better fan speed monitoring and control, it supports fan channels of superior Chips on your motherboard. (ITE, Fintek, Winbond, Nuvoton)

Fan channels of external fan controllers and AIO Coolers such as Corsair, EVGA, and NZXT Kraken are also supported.

After accessing these fan channels it will monitor the temp of the CPU (Intel & AMD), GPU (NVIDIA & AMD), GPU fan (PWM), and HDD/SDD.

Download Argus Monitor Free Vs Pro

Is Argus monitor free? You can download the free full version of Argus Monitor on your PC for a 30-day trial period. During the free trial period, you can use all the functions and features.

After the trial period lapse, you will need a license key to activate the Argus monitor pro version. You can easily get your license or serial key by visiting the official site.

The license key will cost you $11.90 for a year and $24.90 for 3 years. During this period you will get all the updates of the latest version.

Once your license period ends you will still be able to use all versions of Argus Monitor released previous to the expiration of your license.

Many users are looking for a license key generator or crack to activate the pro version. Most of the Keygen or serial keys available online are fake and are only spreading malicious codes. Be wary of them. You can also check the release notes if you want to the previous version.

How To Use Argus Monitor on Windows 11 PC?

Once you install this fan control utility you can click on the fan control option from the main interface. You can set it to change CPU or GPU fan speed in proportion to CPU or GPU temperature.

You can also see a custom fan curve that will automatically increase fan speed once the internal hardware heats up.

It is highly advisable not to use other fan control software at the same time. The fan ducts are the main source that can only be controlled by one fan speed controller program.

You can also control GPU fans with this tool. To control the GPU fan select the GPU tab and choose the software-controlled option.

If you want manual control at a constant speed then select manual mode as the controller. Set the slider to the desired control value and press the Apply button.

Is Argus Monitor Safe?

This fan control software is safe in terms of malware and fan failure perspective. When you download this tool it doesn’t cause any failure on your PC.

Secondly, if you are a newbie or advanced this utility is beneficial for both of them. You can maintain ambient PC temperature increase or decrease fan speed without any worry.

How to Fix Argus Monitor Not Working Issue?

If the Argus Monitor fan is not controllable then you need to know something. In a standard desktop PC, this software offers fan control options for your hardware and can also read fan speed values. If it’s not working or showing such options then you have to correct the BIOS setting to be able to control your fans.

Enter your BIOS settings and change the fan control mode for every fan for which fan control is not working. Set it either to Auto, PWM, or DC as appropriate for your hardware. Then fan control should work as expected.

If this still does not work then make sure that you have uninstalled other fan control software.

For most laptops, there is currently no known method to access fan control functionality.

What are the Argus Monitor Free Alternatives?

Although this tool is a paid utility you need to buy its pro version to use it permanently. If you only like this tool due to its price or any other reason you can switch over to its alternatives.

There is free software like argus monitor i.e. MSI Afterburner and SpeedFan is the best program like this tool. Both of these tools are free and can let you change the fan speed on a Laptop and PC.

Speedfan vs Argus Monitor

The speed fan is the most famous and old fan control utility to change fan speed and monitor system hardware. This utility is free and supports laptop and desktop users.

If you have a problem like SpeedFan not working just ask the developer and they will fix the error.

Whereas, the Argus Monitor is a paid tool with a 30-days trial period. You can use this tool to change fan speed only for 30 days after that but it’s a license key.