How to Fix Avast Login not Working Problem in 2024

Avast is a highly popular antivirus software with millions of users globally, providing reliable protection against various security threats and keeping devices secure.

However, some users have login errors using Avast and reported that Avast login is not working. Avast antivirus login errors can occur in different conditions, so let’s find out in this post how to fix them.

How to Fix Avast Login Not Working Problem?

Before heading towards below below-mentioned fixes ensure that your internet connection is stable because sometimes Avast login does not work due to an unstable internet connection. Wait till it becomes stable if your internet is sluggish. Try joining your device to a different network.

The Avast login not working problem may occur with an error message when you try to log in to your Avast Account:

  • You entered an invalid username or password.
  • The Avast servers are now down.
  • Authorization Error 400: admin policy enforced

What To Do When You Entered an Incorrect Username or Password in Avast?

Entering an unregistered email address frequently results in this error. Check that the email address you are providing is the one that is already registered as your Avast Account login.

Secondly, if you have entered an old or wrong password. A minimum of 7 characters must be included in the password you are typing. Verify that Caps Lock is activated.

Try changing your Avast Account password if you are still unable to log in.

To change your password:

  • Sign in to your Avast account.
  • Click Continue after entering your email address and password.
  • Now the Account settings tile should be chosen.
  • Click Change password in the Security section.
change the Avast password
  • Next, click Confirm after entering your New and Existing passwords.
  • The password for your Avast account has been changed.

If you forget your password then try to restore your password:

  • Go to the recover password page.
  • After entering your email, click Continue.
  • Find the email from with the subject “Forget your password?” by opening your email inbox.
  • Choose Reset password from the menu.
  • Enter a new password, then press the Continue button.
  • To log into your Avast Account with your new password, click Continue to account.
  • The password for your Avast account has been changed.

How to fix when Avast servers are temporarily down?

This login error typically results from the server that is momentarily down for maintenance. Please give it some time and then try again.

After numerous tries, if the same login problem still appears, get in touch with Avast Support to let them know about the issue and request assistance. While we try to keep the service open at all times, issues can occasionally occur.

How to fix the error message ‘Authorization Error 400: admin policy enforced?

When you attempt to sign in to your Avast Account using the Login With Google option while logged into a business Google Account controlled by Google Apps Device Policy, an error message will appear.

Authorization Error 400 admin policy enforced

Try one of the following solutions to fix this problem:

  • Visit the Avast Account login page once more. Enter your Avast Account login information manually and then click Login to avoid utilizing the Login With Google option.
  • Choose Login With Google when you go back to the Avast Account login screen. Choose a non-corporate Google Account from the list of Google Accounts that are displayed (for example, your personal Google Account). Enter your Google Account login information if asked.

You have successfully signed into your Avast Account.

You must select a Google Account with an email address associated with your Avast Account in order to log in to your Avast Account using the Login with Google option. However, it is not required to be the main email associated with your Avast Account.