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Fix: Slow Download Speed on Windows PC

Fix: Slow Download Speed

Dealing with slow download speed even if you have fast internet, don’t worry you increase battle net download speed just stick with this post.

When downloading game patches if you are ridiculously getting slow download speeds on Then here we have compiled a list to fix this issue.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

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Why are Downloads So Slow?

There are numerous causes why getting slow internet speed while downloading games or their updates using the However, the common causes that get in our way are:

In the coming paras, we will discuss the means to fix the slow download speed issue while downloading the modern warzone.

How to Increase Battlenet Slow Download Speed on Windows 10/11 PC

Let’s get to work.

Fix 1. Download VPN For Windows PC

There are chances that the current server has put the bandwidth throttling causing the slow download speed. If you change the server using a VPN you can avoid such a situation.

The VPN will find the best server for you that has a fast download speed. But be advised that free VPNs do have some privacy issues so we suggest you always use paid VPN.

The paid VPN might cost you a couple of bucks but your internet and your privacy will be secured. We suggest our readers use:

Fix 2. Close/Spend Background Downloads

If you have added multiple game downloads in a download queue your internet speed will decrease. You will also get a slow download speed if the Windows automatic updates are enabled.

The automatic Windows update always runs in the background looking for the updates causing low internet download speed.

Follow these steps to disable the windows updates.

Fix 3. Avoid Downloads During Peak Hours

The issue of’s slow download speed will persist if you are downloading the games during the peak internet usage time (9 am-11 am in many regions globally).

If you are only getting a few KBs even if you have a fast internet connection, you need to download during the internet peak hours.

Once the congestion normalizes you again start the game download.

Fix 4. Turn off Limit download Bandwidth’s slow download speed issue might be occurring because the download speed is capped.

You need to follow the steps below to deselect the limit download bandwidth option.

You might have checked the bandwidth box mistakenly. Once unchecked resume the download to see if it has increased the speed.

Fix 5. Change your download region

Sometimes the slow download speed issue arises because the huge influx of players in a certain server causes overload.

You can opt for a different region to change the server that might increase the downloads speed for games.

To change the server for games follows these steps:

Now resume the download to check the speed test.

Fix 6. Update Network Adapter Driver

The network adapter’s drivers are an essential tool to manage smooth and efficient internet speed. If they are outdated you will have to deal with the slow download speed issue.

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To update network adapters you can manually open Device Manager and look for the adapter. Right-click on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

On the other hand, we recommend you to download Driver Easy or IObit Driver Booster on your PC and tun it. This tool will automatically scan and update the outdated network adapters driver in a minute.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy, with a single click you can also create a System Restore Point to restore the previous setting if anything goes wrong.

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