How To Fix Bayonetta 3 FPS Drop on Nintendo Switch | Boost FPS & Performance

Increase performance and framerate.

Soon after the release of Bayonetta 3 for switch users, FPS drop complaints are coming in. With the framerate drop, lag and stutter also contribute to a bad gaming experience.

Keep in mind that a Switch is a Switch. It sacrifices performance for the sake of being small and portable on the other hand the PS5 is an absolute beast. There are other gaming consoles that won’t run games at 60 FPS. So expectations from Switch are a bit aggravated.

Still, if you dealing with the severe Bayonetta 3 FPS drops issue then stick with this article. As we have explained the best tips to fix the framerate dropping issue.

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Fix Bayonetta 3 FPS Drop on Nintendo Switch

Try the below fixes to resolve the issue.

  1. Restart Your Console
  2. Check For Game Updates
  3. Use an Emulator
  4. Disable Auto Connect
  5. Switch to Airplane Mode
  6. Try a USB-to-Ethernet adapter
  7. Overclock Your Switch

The very first thing that you should do is restart your Nintendo Switch and see if the problem is resolved. If the problem persists then check for game updates. As the developers regularly release a game patch so look for t and install them.

To fix the Bayonetta 3 stuttering and lad give it a try to Ryuninx. It’s a Nintendo emulator and helps you get 60fps while gaming. If you are using Yuzu and it’s not working properly then read this article to fix Ryuninx not working with Bayonetta 3.

The developer has also found that Nintendo’s Auto connect which runs in the background also causes the FPS drops problem. So disable it by going into Settings > Internet > Internet Settings. Click the name of your network and hit Change Settings. Then at the bottom, disable Auto Connect.

You can also switch to Airplane mod if the game doesn’t require a constant internet connection. Lastly, if the Bayonetta 3 FPS drops are still there then Overclock your console. Overclocking does increases the performance but only if you have custom firmware. Restore the base X1 settings and then launch Bayonetta 3.

Warnings: Overclocking consumes the high battery life of your console and in some cases, it might damage the battery.