Bayonetta 3 – How to Defeat Devil Rodin (Secret Boss)

In Bayonetta 3 you have to fight Bosses as you progress in-game. Every Boss has its own powers and abilities. But for some boss fights, you have to fight two bosses at the same time. In this case, you are fighting both Bosses Baal and then Rodin. For Rodin’s fight, you must have to fight with Baal.

How to Defeat Devil Rodin (Secret Boss) in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Boss – Baal

Baal is known as the Empress of the Fathoms, It’s a large shape Frog with red eyes. He can use power like a Long Tongue, Poison Split, and Toxic Rain.

Bayonetta 3 Boss - Baal

Bayonetta 3 Boss – Rodin

Rodin is also known as the Infinite One. Rodin is a merchant (weapon dealer) and secret boss. As a merchant, you will see him as a human and as a boss (Red Devil which has long wings). He can use power like Infernal Magic, Divine Magic, and Fists in a fight against you.

Bayonetta 3 Boss - Rodin and Devil Rodin

Bayonetta 3 Boss – Preparations

Before every fight, you have to use tactics and weapons against the Boss’s abilities. You can select different weapons. For this fight, we will use Equal Baal to prevent the rain attack from the Baal.

You can also use Dead End Express, so you can use train dash to prevent the magnet attack from the Boss. The important one is the Conqueror’s Reins because it prevents your demons from going berserk and the last one is Star of Dineta It will help you if you get hit by one of his throws.

Bayonetta 3 Boss - Abilities against Devil Rodin

Bayonetta 3 Boss – Boss Fight

The Mian strategy in every Boss fight is to understand his Attack pattern and use the weapons according to his attacks. In this case, you are fighting with two Bosses so you need to be patient. Just constantly use the Baal’s Poison rain attack and dodge the attack of Baal and Rodin. Both bosses can disappear and will charge you with a fist attack.

Also uses Divine magic which is a Jump and smash attack which will give a lot of damage. The Camera angle must be your priority because you are fighting with two bosses and they can also teleport so it will be difficult for you to defeat the boss if you didn’t focus. At the end of the fight, you will receive some rewards and medals depending on the fight stats.

Devil Rodin boss fight

How to Defeat Rodin – Bayonetta 3 Boss

  • As Rodin is the toughest boss in Bayonetta 3 so you have to be careful while using your attacks against him. As he can dodge, teleport, and fly which will confuse you in the fight.
  • As Rodin uses Fist Attack you can dodge by sliding and use Mida’s Testaments.
  • Against his magnet attack, you can use Dead End Express to prevent the attack.
  • You can use Conqueror’s Reins against his Divine Magic attack.
  • While fighting Rodin Boss don’t stay still always dodge the attacks and use the Poison Rain attack to give damage to the Boss which will help you a lot in defeating it.

Rewards For Defeating Bayonetta 3 Boss

After defeating the boss you will receive some rewards. The major reward is Rodin (Weapons) and also receive Silver Medal.


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