Bayonetta 3 – How to Defeat French Bayonetta Boss

French Bayonetta Boss is the main storyline boss which you will encounter throughout the game. There are a total of Two Bayonetta Bosses. Bayonetta Bosses fights that is against you but from a different Genre. Which means you encountered yourself in-game.

  1. French Bayonetta Boss
  2. Chinese Bayonetta Boss

Chinese Bayonetta

Chinese Bayonetta is friendly which you will encounter in-game. She will help you in fighting the main storyline boss. Which you will encounter in train and then defeat the boss. In helping you at last she died (Killed by the Boss during the fight).

French Bayonetta

French Bayonetta is the enemy Boss you will meet in the game. You have to defeat her in order to progress. It’s a Humanoid fight against yourself but from a French Genre. She will appear from the sky with a dragon with her and summons a Dragon Heart on her Head. French Bayonetta got a solidly large move set aided by demon masquerade abilities like stomach laser.

How to Defeat

In the start of the fight, she appears you will see a dance battle in a cut scene after that the main fight begins. At the beginning of the fight, she will use normal attacks like fists and teleport.

The next attack she will use is Laser Stomach Attack, in this situation, she will convert her body into half and wield a laser to attack you. You can use the Phantasmaraneae attack to dodge the attack it will also give damage to the French Bayonetta. Phantasmaraneae attack is basically a Scorpion attack which will also attack as a laser in a counter-attack.

At the end of the fight, she will use the Dragon which will attack you from above. Dragon will use laser attack and rain fire attack which will give you a lot of damage.  You can BAL attack and Scorpion attack to give damage to the dragon. It will attack the dragon from afar and also poison the dragon.

After a cinematic will appear in which both Bayonetta will fight with each other and then French Bayonetta converts herself into a bigger version of a dragon. Music will play in the background after that you have to press commands which will appear on the screen to defeat the dragon.

Baal Zebul

It will appear in the same fight with French Bayonetta. In which a music track will play in the background. Your character will begin to dance in that situation you have to press the command buttons to complete the task.


You will receive the dragon heart and Gold (Medal) and some treasures for defeating French Bayonetta.

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