Bayonetta 3 – How to Defeat Golam Boss

There are many bosses in Bayonetta 3. Some are the main storyline bosses and some of them are the secret bosses. You have to fight with them to progress in-game. Mian storyline bosses will appear in the main story of the game. For secret bosses, you have to unlock them and do some tasks.

Golem Boss

Golem is the main boss in Bayonetta and Bayonetta but in Bayonetta 3 it appears as a secret boss. You have to do some task and unlock it. In Bayonetta 3 it will appear as a Blue Core (Rhombus Shape).

How to unlock Golem Boss

To unlock Golem you need to find the Secret Medallion Shards. Medallions are the secret Treasures and there are a total of 4 Medallions in Bayonetta 3. All of the Medallions are situated in a different locations.

1st Medallion Shard

You can find the location of the First Medallion Shard in Chapter 1 Verse 1 at the start of the chapter.

2nd Medallion Shard

The Second Medallion Shard location can be found in Chapter 4 Verse 1 at the beginning of the chapter.

3rd Medallion Shard

The 3rd Medallion Shard can be found in Chapter 7 Verse 2 at the first checkpoint.

4th Medallion Shard

The final and fourth Medallion can be found in Chapter 10 verse 2 at the start of the chapter.

Golem Boss Location

After getting all the Medallions you will automatically Approach the map. A Medallion will appear and mark the location of the Boss in the center of the map on the mountain. Upon clicking you will ask to start the mission (The Artifact Unleashed). Select the character you want to play with.

How to Defeat Golem Boss

After selecting the location you will see a Blue Rhombus Shape upon attacking the shape fight will begin.

An initial Attack

An initial Attack is the most common attack that Golem will use during the fight. This is a spinning attack it will rotate around and spread its shape. There is a total of four medallions it can also spread into four parts and each part can perform a laser attack. You can use a train dash attack to prevent the attack it will also give damage to the Golem.

Blade Attack

Blade Attack is one of the most dangerous attacks of the Golem it will convert itself into hand and switch positions to attack and can also long perform a laser attack. You can use the Dragon attack to prevent the attack.

Wing Attack

Wing Attack is the attack that will be used by the Golem when the fight will progress to the end. Golem will convert itself into a bird and use sonic waves to attack you. You can use the rain attack and dragon attack to dodge and prevent the attack. It can also spin and drill itself into the ground in this form.

Beast Attack

It will convert itself to the four-leg animal and close the distance to attack you. Golem will use laser attacks from his tail and from far away. You can use multiple attacks to prevent the attack just be patient.

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