Bayonetta 3 – How to Defeat Strider Boss

Bosses are the major part of Bayonetta 3 you have to defeat them to progress in-game. Some appear for one time only but some appear from chapter to chapter as you progress in-game. They change appearance from chapter to chapter, sometimes they are harder to defeat, and sometimes they are easier to defeat.

In this guide, we will discuss Strider Boss.

Strider Boss (Twilight Wanderer)

Strider is a Boss in Bayonetta 3 who will appear in different chapters of the game. Strider is one the toughest boss in bayonette3, it will be difficult for you to defeat him for the first time because you dint progress much in the game. When he appears for the second time it will be easier because you have unlocked more abilities and items. Strider is an extremely fast and dangerous due to his quickness and fast attack pattern.

Strider Appearance

Strider will first appear in Chapter 7 where Viola will see Luka it will transform himself into Strider after the cut scene.

Strider in chapter 7

For the Second time, it will appear as the Final Boss of Chapter 10.

How to Defeat

  • As Strider is a fast-paced Boss who can attack multiple times at the same time. He can close the distance very quickly but most of his attack gives a lot of damage to you from afar. So it will be better for you to craft healing and damaging items before the fight.
  • You have to use the attacks very wisely because he can counterattack some of your attacks. So you need to be patient. He will appear from the building in front of you after some talk the fight will begin.
Strider boss fight
  • Strider can use multiple attacks some of them are close attacks and some are from the distance. The most common attack he will use is his claw attack where he will swing his both claws. You can use a Train attack to dodge and counter-attack.
  • He will also switch positions quickly by teleporting to short distances. He will also use a big rounded shield to prevent your attack.
  • Strider also uses Tail Attack in this form he summons a pink light from his tail and uses the attack. It’s also a counter-attack. You can use the Colour my World weapon to give damage and dodge the attack.
  • The most dangerous attack Strider is a smash attack in this he will first power himself up with the light and then smash the ground which can give you a lot of damage. You can use Mida’s Testament in the situation of this attack.
Strider second phase
  • At last, he will use Grab Attack. In this attack, he will move quickly toward you grab you, and then smash you on the ground. You can use Alruna’s Weapon to prevent the attack.
  • It is your choice to select the weapons according to the fight pattern of Strider. Because you cannot use all of the weapons at the same time there is a limit.  During the fight, you have to be patient and use the attacks strategically to prevent and dodge his attacks.
  • When the fight will comes to end a cut scene will appear where you will smash the strider into a Building where the fight will come to an End. 

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