Bayonetta 3 – How to Defeat Virga

Bosses are the major part of Bayonetta 3 you have to defeat them to progress in-game. Some appear for one time only but some appear from chapter to chapter as you progress in-game. They change appearance from chapter to chapter, sometimes they are harder to defeat, and sometimes they are easier to defeat.

In this guide, we will discuss Virga Boss.

Virga Boss

Virga Boss is a Big Giant Boss in Bayonetta which will appear in different chapters. This Boss has two heads and multiple legs which take up a huge area around him. Once you defeat him when you encounter him the first time then it will be easy for you to defeat him next time.

Virga Location

Virga will appear in two chapters (Bayonetta 3).

  • Virga will first appear in Chapter 4 verse 4 after finishing verse 3. You will see him after clearing some distance.
  • For the second Virga will appear in Chapter 6 verse 1 at the beginning of the Chapter you will see a large door behind. Enter the door to encounter Virga.

How to Defeat

Virga is a Giant Dragon Shaped Boss with a Huge Body Structure. He has multiple legs through he can also walk on the building around him. 

He has a big structure and casually walks and smashes his feet on the ground which will make him difficult to approach. As a giant he moves slowly which will give you some advantage to attack him and defeat him.

So, make sure to be prepared before the fight. For healing, you can use healing potions and abilities of your choice. He has multiple attack patterns and changes colour mid-fight when he takes some damage.

He will throw flames with his both head and moves around you. You can simply dodge this attack.

Virga has weak body spots where you can attack to give him damage. On attacking his feats and stomach Virga becomes aggressive and uses Laser which will appear on his all legs.  You can use a scorpion attack to prevent and it will give damage to Virga.

Virga also smashes his legs on the ground. First, he will stand on his two legs for some time and then smash on the ground. You can use Spider Demon which will help you trap him in its web. You can use multiple attacks on him which will help you a lot.

In the end, his head will turn and all his attack patterns become quicker. He will also climb the building and jump more offensively. You can use demon slaves to give damage to Virga.

Your focus is to break the main parts of Virga which are his legs and stomach. You can also use a rail track (Rail Road Skill) to the place where virga walk to give damage to virga. This will make the fight a lot easier. This fight will take some time so you need to be patient.

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