Bayonetta 3 – How to find All Umbran Tears of Blood in Chapter 3

In Bayonetta 3 every chapter has its own Umbran Tears of Blood. Umbran Tears of Blood is a collectible item that is located in different locations. It came in the form of frogs, cats, and birds. Upon collecting they will give some items like weapons, and abilities.

Frog (Umbran Tears of Blood)

Frog (Umbran Tears of Blood) is the first one that can be found at the start of the chapter. The world is broken and destructed that you have to travel to find the Frog. Go to the blue Hexagon area you will see floating in the air taking a step on it will make you visible to others blue hexagon.

By jumping on them you will reach a cave with a broken train and track. Follow the track at the end of the track you will see a frog. Collect the frog and proceed to the next one.

Crow (Umbran Tears of Blood):

Crow (Umbran Tears of Blood) is the second one you will find near the previous Tear of Blood. After collecting the first blood proceed further through the cliffs you will see a broken building across the building and approach the bridge you will see a crow flying. Collect the frog and proceed to the next one.

Cat (Umbran Tears of Blood):

Cat (Umbran Tears of Blood) is the third one and the most difficult one because the cat runs away from you and travels fast. You can find it in the building. Follow the path you will reach the broken structure with a dragon and proceed further toward a Chinese building. You will see a cat upon seeing the cat will run away and it’s difficult to catch the cat because there are a lot of building in that area.

So you have to block the cat into a corner of the building and you can also knock down the plates to block the cat. In this way, you can catch the cat. Take the Cat (Umbran Tears of Blood).

Alruna’s Weapon

As I told you earlier in each chapter Umbran Tears of Blood give you different items. In this chapter, you will get Alruna’s Weapon. Alruna’s Weapon will help you climb higher locations in-game which will be very helpful. Especially in progress within the Secret chapter guide where you have to find the keys and solve the Flower Puzzle.

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