Bayonetta 3 – How to get Training Frock Outfit

Bayonetta 3 is full of secrets. You have to find secret weapons and costumes some of which can be found at the secret locations by solving puzzles and by defeating the Bosses. This is the demand to further progress in-game. You can’t further proceed in the game without them.

In this guide, we will discuss Training Frock Outfit and how to find you can get the Training Frock for Bayonetta.

Training Frock Outfit

Training Frock Outfit is a secret costume that you have to find which can be later customized in-game menu. This is the most mesmerizing costume by its look. It gives a cat look to your character. The hardest part of this costume is you can unlock it once you finish the game.

What is Training Frock Outfit?

How to Find Training Frock Outfit in Bayonetta 3

Training Frock Outfit (Super Mirror 0) can be found by solving the puzzle which is called Flower Puzzle.

Flower Puzzle

To access the flower puzzle you need to get the book which is available on the desk. By opening it you will teleport to an unknown location where you have to find the flower. A flower grows on the blue plant. There are a total of three flowers located in different locations. You have to find those locations and solve the puzzle.

To access the flower puzzle you need to get the book which is available on the desk.

1st Flower Location

The unknown is a 2d world where you have to find the flowers. Go straight and follow the white line on the floor of the world to find the first flower. As you approach the first flower which is of blue color. A red light begins to circulate around you.

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You have to capture the light on the given point in the center of the plant. You have to capture the Red Light 3 times. After each point flower will begin to expand and on capturing the third point flower will convert into a bridge. Which will lead you forward.

2nd Flower Location

As each flower makes a path towards the next flower. After moving forward you will see 4 small flowers there u have to capture the red light four times. Which will give red butterflies. Solving that puzzle leads you toward the 2nd flower there u have to repeat the same process and as result, you will get butterflies and the flower will become red.

3rd Flower Location

After solving the 2nd flower puzzle you will see a blue rope beneath your 2nd flower follow that line to get to the 3rd flower. Repeat the same process you followed at the 1st and 2nd locations.

The Bayonetta 3 Chest

After you follow the whole process of flowers you will hear a jingle bell which will confirm the activation of the chest. Follow the path down on the map you will see a Shining Blue Chest. Open the chest and get the costume.

Open the shining blue chest and get the costume

Buying Super Mirror 0

All that is left is to buy the Mirror. Go to Rodin’s Treasures in the main menu and buy the Super Mirror 0. Through which you can access the costume.

Go to Rodin’s Treasures in the main menu and buy the Super Mirror 0

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