Bayonetta 3 – How to Remove and Use Grappling Hook

In Bayonetta 3, there are a lot of tools and powers that you can use in-game as they are part of the game. Each player can modify layers by his selective play style. They are a must need to progress in-game. Because every tool and accessory has its own level.

Some tools are used on specific occasions. As, if you want to cross the broken bridge you need to use Grappling Hook or you have to fly. For Bosses, you have to equip different powers to defeat them according to their levels and progress.

Grappling Hook

As you know Bayonetta 3 is a vast world where you have to travel from place to place to accomplish the task. There are some ways where you cannot travel without using your tool like flying (Wings-Crystal Feather) for higher climbing places and for broken places. For Example, if a bridge is broken you need to use Grappling Hook. Grappling Hook is a tool that let you travel fast and through broken places. You can also use this in a fight to quickly switch your place.

How to Equip and Remove Grappling Hook

For tools to use there is a catch, you can use one at a time. If you want to use the grappling hook you need to unequip the already use tool to equip the new tool. You need to go to Skills and then Viola.

Skill Tree

First, you need to unequip the Wings in order to use the Grappling Hook. In the Viola menu, you will notice that you already have enabled Wings (Crystal Feather). Go to the Viola, Select the Wings and Disable the Wings by pressing (A). After you do that confirm in the game whether those wings are unequipped or not.

Crystal Feather in Skill Tree

This will automatically let you use Grappling Hook in-game. Some tools and skills are linked with each other like these Crystal wings are linked to Grappling Hook. You cannot use Grappling Hook unless you Unequip Crystal Wings. Equipping Grappling Hook will help you a lot with in-game progress. You can easily travel through hurdles and long distances. Also helps you to climb higher places like mountains and cliffs.

This is how you can equip The Grappling Hook in Bayonetta 3. I hope this guide will help you out.

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