Bayonetta 3 – How to Unlock Costume Tab

Costumes are the Skins, Outfits, and Suits for the character. Costumes make your character look dashing. You can also customize the costumes by colour and design. You will get some of the Costumes at the start of the game and some after the completion of the game. For some special Secret Costume, you have to do some tasks to unlock them like Training Frock Outfit.

List of Costumes

There are a total of 18 Costumes for both of the characters in Bayonetta 3.  Eight of the costume are for Bayonetta and 10 for Viola.

Bayonetta Costumes

  • Super Mirror 0 (Training Frock).
  • Super Mirror 2 (Bayonetta 2 Default).
  • Super Mirror B4 (Phantom Thief Witch).
  • Super Mirror (Bayonetta 1 Default).
  • Super Mirror B3 (Cloistered Witch).
  • Super Mirror B1 (Street Smart Witch).
  • Super Mirror B2 (One-Eyed Witch).
  • Super Mirror 3 (Black Leather Suit).

Viola’s Costumes

  • Stake Cat (White)
  • Stake Cat (Red)
  • Bleed Cat (White)
  • Bleed Cat (Green)
  • Spike Cat (White)
  • Spike Cat (Orange)
  • Shock Cat (White)
  • Shock Cat (Purple)
  • Little Angels (White)
  • Little Angels (Black)
  • Hiyoko-Chan

How to Access the Costumes

You can access the costumes tab in the main menu of the game. But first, you have to unlock the Costumes Tab.

How to Unlock

There are two methods to unlock the costume:

1st Method (L End Game Method)

The first method is the long one. For this, you have to end the whole game with the Bayonetta Default Costume. Which will take a long time to unlock. This Game has a huge storyline so you need to be patient.

2nd Method (Rodin’s Treasure Method)

The second one is the easy one in this you have to go to Rodin’s Treasures from the main menu of the game. Access Rodin’s Treasure and Buy Super Mirror B1 which is a costume colour scheme from Rodin’s. This will unlock the costumes that you can access in-game. But there is a catch every Super Mirror comes with a cost so make sure to fulfill the requirements.

Every Mirror has its own Colour scheme and Design of the Costume. You can equip only one costume at a time. On buying each mirror it will unlock the Costume tab and change its appearance.  At the start of the game, you will see a shortage in the stock of Rodin’s Treasures but it will keep updated as progress in the game.  

This is how you can unlock Costume Tab. We hope this guide will help you.

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