Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: More Chests For New Players

Looking for a high-tier weapon to loot then land on these hot spots.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has been out for a month now. There is some new Point of Interest and new weapons and items in it. Some old POIs have been taken over by Chrome which is the new material and center of attention of the new Season 4.

There are a lot of new landing spots in season 4. We are going to cover the best locations with respect to high-tier weapons and most chests.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Here are the best Landing Spots in the early game to get a decent amount of loot to prepare for the Victory Royale.

Herald’s Sanctum

Herald’s Sanctum is the new POI which is before known as the Sanctuary in the last season. It is the house of Herald the new Fortnite Villain in Chapter 3 Season 4. It is a Chrome area and everything is taken over by Chrome.

Herald’s Sanctum is up North next to the Shimmering Shrine. Here is the exact location shown on the map.

Herald's Sanctum best landing spot on Fortnite

You can find a lot of normal and Chrome chests here. If you don’t find Chrome Chest, you can throw Chrome at the Chest to make it Chrome Chest. Herald’s Sanctum is a multi-level building and Herald also sits in it on her Throne. If you defeat Herald, you will receive her Mythic Burst Rifle.

NOTE: You don’t have to take the fight with Herald by Visiting Herald’s Sanctum. You can use it at early game Landing Spot, loot there and move ahead.

Reality Tree

Reality Tree is a location from Season 3, Last Season it used to be a very vibrant and colorful location. In this season with the introduction to Herald and Chrome, Reality Tree has lost its beautiful appearance. Still, Reality Tree is one of the best Landing Spots in Season 4.

Reality Tree is one of the best Landing Spots in Season 4

The new Reality Tree is better in terms of competitive gameplay, as you have a clear line of sight on other players landing with you. Reality has a lot of places to loot around with High Tier loot.

There is a house to the east of Reality Tree where you can get yourself a good amount of Chests to loot. You can visit the Forest west of the Reality Tree it’s almost at the end of the map but still, it has great loot and chest to loot.

Reality Tree is in a more open area which gives you more advantage in terms of taking fights with players.

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is one of the most OG landing spots on the Fortnite map. It is almost in the middle of the map, slightly towards the west. There are a lot of buildings you can land in Tilted Towers to get early High Ground in the game.

The buildings have great loot and chests available to loot. This will help you get early loot in the game.

Tilted Towers best landing spot

Tilted Towers has a lot of players landing at the POI. You can get yourself ready for the Victory Royale by landing there. You can find snipers for long-range fights and mix them with High Ground. You’re already in the advantage early game.

Tilted Tower has buildings with High-Security Vault. This High-Security Vault requires two keys to unlock and has High Tier Legendary Weapons, Ammo, and Healing items to get you ready for the Victory Royale.

Cloudy Condos

Cloudy Condos is the new POI in Season 4. It is arriving after the island took over by Chrome. Condo Canyon has been upgraded to the new Cloudy Condos POI which is present in the sky.

Cloudy Condos best landing spot in fortnite

Cloudy Canyon features zip lines to help you in traveling up and down the POI. There are bridges that connect the main building of Cloudy Condos, you can use the ziplines to travel them. The location has a lot of chests and plenty of weapon loot.

Sky fighting is not new to Fortnite but it’s back in Season 4 and is quite exciting. Cloudy Canyon also has a High-Security Vault on a cliff just north of the POI.

There is a platform near the gas station where you will find the vault. You can find two keys and get your hands on legendary tier loot by landing at the Cloudy Canyon.


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