Best 10 Starfield Quality of Life Mods To Improve Gameplay Experience

Are you searching for Starfield Quality of Life mods? Do you want to improve the quality of your virtual life? Then stick with us.

As we venture into the vast reaches of Starfield, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our journey through the cosmos even more incredible. While Bethesda Game Studios has delivered one of their least buggy games to date, there are still some quality-of-life features that players desire to enhance their experience.

From improved navigation through city maps to FOV adjustments, brightness settings, resource tracking, and even changes in NPC behaviors, the modding community has stepped in to cater to these needs. These quality-of-life mods offer players the opportunity to personalize their Starfield adventure, making space exploration more immersive and enjoyable.

In this list, we’ll explore the top best Starfield Quality Of Life mods that can significantly improve your journey through the stars.

Best Quality of Life Mods for Starfield

Quality-of-life mods in Starfield are like a sprinkle of stardust that enhances the gaming experience without completely overhauling it. These mods are designed to streamline and refine gameplay, making your journey through the cosmos smoother and more enjoyable.

Here, we’ve gathered a collection of mods that bring convenience and intuitiveness to your Starfield adventure.

Achievement Enabler

In Bethesda’s RPGs, using mods or console commands has historically disabled achievements and marked your save file as “Modded,” preventing further achievement progress.

However, the Achievement Enabler mod by brunph changes that. This mod, a staple for Bethesda Game Studios titles, allows you to earn achievements even with mods installed. After all, in a single-player game without multiplayer elements, achieving goals through mods and commands should be celebrated rather than restricted.

Say goodbye to achievement limitations and enjoy your customized gameplay experience in Starfield!

Cleanfield – No-Intro Videos and Clean Menu Fix

When you first launched Starfield, did you find the menu cluttered and confusing, like many others? You’re not alone. The menu’s central logo, a prominent welcome box in the top-right corner, and an oversized menu background seemed chaotic and sparked controversy before the game’s release.

Enter the Cleanfield mod by Gametism, a solution that addresses these concerns. This mod removes the logo, the message of the day, epilepsy and seizure warnings, and even enhances the frame rate for a smoother overall experience. Say goodbye to menu clutter and enjoy a more streamlined and visually pleasing interface in Starfield.

Smooth Ship Reticle

In the vast expanse of Starfield’s universe, piloting your spaceship is a major part of the adventure. However, the spaceship HUD might not provide the smooth and intuitive experience you desire, and Bethesda isn’t likely to address this minor issue anytime soon.

Here’s where Smooth Ship Reticle by alexbulluk comes to the rescue. This quality-of-life and performance mod for Starfield is designed to enhance your cockpit experience.

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It elevates the spaceship HUD to a silky-smooth 120 FPS, a significant improvement from the initial 30 FPS cap. This enhancement results in a more responsive and immersive flying experience as you navigate the cosmos in Starfield.

Easy Digipick

Lockpicking in Bethesda’s role-playing games, including the latest Starfield, has been a point of contention for many players. Some find it simpler and more enjoyable than previous versions, while others still dislike it. If you belong to the latter group, there’s a mod that might make your lockpicking experience much smoother.

Easy Digipick by Ixion XVII simplifies the mini-game significantly. Even when faced with a Master Lock, you’ll have only a few lock combination options instead of the usual ten or more. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to unlock the associated perks to tackle more challenging locks in the game, but this mod can make the process less frustrating.

Starfield FOV

By default, Starfield offers a field of view (FOV) of 85 for first-person mode and 70 for third-person mode. However, this FOV may not be suitable for players with widescreen monitors, as it can lead to a distorted screen that affects immersion and gameplay. If you’re one of those players, there’s a solution in the form of the Starfield FOV mod by Hellstorm102.

This mod adjusts the FOV in the game to 100 for both first- and third-person views, providing a wider perspective that can enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, it can change the FOV when you’re flying starships, setting it to 90 for a better view during space exploration.

Icon Sorting Tags – Starfield Edition

Bethesda games have often faced criticism for their inventory systems being unintuitive, messy, and frustrating to navigate. To address this common complaint, modders have taken it upon themselves to create more user-friendly inventory systems. One such mod is the Icon Sorting Tags mod by McGuffin.

This mod enhances the inventory experience by adding small icons next to each item, making it easier to identify and categorize your inventory items. These icons feature unique designs corresponding to different item types, such as crafting components, beverages, food, resources, weapons, armor, and even distinct symbols for helmets.

This visual aid simplifies inventory management, allowing you to quickly sort and organize your items with ease.

Enhanced Player Healthbar

In a game like Starfield, where combat plays a significant role, you’d expect the player’s health bar to be intuitive. However, it often falls short of providing a user-friendly experience. That’s where the Enhanced Player Healthbar mod by SilverEzredes comes into play.

This mod enhances the player’s health bar by introducing unique color schemes designed to accommodate players with color blindness.

It also adjusts the coloring of the environmental damage bar to make it more visually informative. The health bar now undergoes color changes at 75%, 50%, and 25% health levels, providing players with clearer and more intuitive cues about their character’s condition.

These improvements make it easier for players to assess their health status during intense combat scenarios.

Stealth Overhaul

IxionVII returns with another game-changing mod for Starfield, this time focusing on a complete overhaul of the stealth mechanics. Currently, the game lacks a robust stealth mode, making it clear that stealth gameplay isn’t the primary focus. However, with the Stealth Overhaul mod, you can expect a more refined and rewarding stealth experience.

Once you download Stealth Overhaul mod you’ll immediately notice improvements in the stealth gameplay. The NPC detection meter undergoes significant changes, allowing for more effective stealth approaches when tackling points of interest on the map.

These changes involve adjustments to view cone detection radius, sound detection mechanics, and a reduction in the noise generated by players.

These modifications create a more immersive and enjoyable stealth experience, making it a must-have for stealth-oriented players.

Enhanced Dialogue Interface

The modding community has a knack for revamping dialogue systems in Bethesda games. In Starfield, current mods primarily focus on enhancing the visual aspects of the dialogue tree. Fortunately, these visual changes are quite appealing.

The Enhanced Dialogue Interface, a mod created by Seb263, gives the dialogue tree a fresh look. It provides options for customization, allowing players to choose unique outlines, styles, and text fonts that suit their preferences.

Additionally, this mod improves text clarity, making the dialogue more readable, and removes transition animations for a smoother experience.

Ship Builder Tweaks

Starfield’s ship-building toolset is undeniably fascinating, offering players the chance to craft and customize their dream starships, even allowing for imaginative designs like dinosaurs or platypuses.

However, for those seeking a more realistic and user-friendly ship-building experience, the Ship Builder Tweaks mod by keanuWheeze is a game-changer. It enhances the ship-building controls, making them more responsive.

Players can zoom in further, rotate faster, snap parts more easily, and add additional floors to their starships. This mod is a significant improvement for all starship-building enthusiasts!

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