List of All Black Mesa Cheat Codes & Console Commands in 2024

Unlock any weapon, or item, explore the Xen map, and more by using these cheats.

Black Mesa is an awesome game that takes us back to the exciting world of Half-Life. As we venture through the mysterious Black Mesa journey, we might sometimes want a little boost to make things even more fun.

That’s where Black Mesa cheat codes and console commands come in! By using the Cheats & Developer console, we can unlock cool cheats and tricks to make our gaming experience even better. Imagine having unlimited ammo, invincibility with god mode, and being able to summon items whenever you want! We can even change our health or get our hands on powerful weapons.

The console commands in Black Mesa open up a whole new world of possibilities. So, if you’re curious and ready to explore, let’s find out how to use these cheats and commands to make our Black Mesa adventure truly epic!

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How To Open Black Mesa Console Commands?

To use Black Mesa console commands you need to open the developer console. There are two major methods to open the console.

Open Console Command Via Steam:

  • To access the console commands in Black Mesa, go to your Steam Library.
  • Right-click to open Black Mesa Properties.
  • Click on the Set Launch Options button.
  • You will now find a textbox. Type -console.
  • The console should now appear when you launch the game. When your level has fully loaded, type bind p toggelconsole.
  • You can also replace the letter p with any other letter.

Open Console Command Via in-Game Settings:

  • Open the game > Go to “Keyboard Settings“.
  • Go to “Advance” > “Enable Developers Console“.
  • Click on “Save” > “In Game” > hit tilde (~) >  Enter “sv_cheats 1“.

Black Mesa Console Commands – All Cheats

black mesa cheats.

Here are all the cheats of Black Mesa.

Cheat CodesCheat Effect
god: invincibleGod Mode
impulse 101All Weapons & ammo
impulse 105Enemies can’t hear you
notargetEnemies don’t attack you
chase_active 13rd person perspective
sv_gravity XSet Gravity to X
sv_friction XSet Friction to X
sv_bounce XBounce Multiplier to X
give ItemOrWeaponid (check all the ids below)Get item, weapon or ammo
 map MapId (check all the ids below)Changemap or Changelevel
ent_teleport npc_name (point with your crosshair where you want to spawn it)Summon or Teleport NPC
ent_remove (point to the entity you want to remove)Remove NPC
ent_remove_all npc_nameRemove all NPC

Complete List of Black Mesa Give Console Command

In Black Mesa, there’s a handy cheat called “Give” that allows you to obtain different weapons and items. To use this cheat, simply type “give” followed by the name of the item you want. Remember to leave a space between “give” and the item name for it to work correctly. With this cheat, you can easily equip yourself with powerful weapons and useful items to enhance your gameplay experience.

  • i.e.: give itemname

Here are all the items and weapons you can give yourself using this console command.

Give Items Cheat Console IDs List

  • give item_longjump – LongJump
  • give item_suit(HEV) – Suit
  • give item_airtank – Airtank
  • give item_battery – Battery
  • give item_antidote – Antidote
  • give item_healthvial – Healthvial
  • give item_sodacan – Soda Can
  • give item_healthkit – Healthkit
  • give item_security – Security

Give Weapons Cheat Console IDs List

  • give weapon_357(Magnum) – 357
  • give weapon_crowbar – Crowbar
  • give weapon_glock – Glock
  • give weapon_crossbow – Crossbow
  • give weapon_shotgun – Shotgun
  • give weapon_mp5 – MP5
  • give weapon_tau – Tau
  • give weapon_gluon – Gluon
  • give weapon_hivehand – Hivehand
  • give weapon_rpg – RPG
  • give weapon_satchel – Satchel
  • give weapon_frag(grenades) – Frag Grenades
  • give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
  • give weapon_snark – Snark
  • give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
  • give weapon_egon – Egon
  • give weapon_9mmar – 9mm ar
  • give weapon_9mmhandgun – 9mm handgun
  • give weapon_handgrenade – Hand Grenade
  • give weapon_quantumdestabilizer – Quantum Destabilizer
  • give weapon_hornetgun – Hornet Gun

Give Infinite Ammunition Cheat Console List

  • give ammo_rpgclip – RPG Clip
  • give ammo_9mmar – 9mm ar
  • give ammo_9mmclip – 9mm Clip
  • give ammo_357 – 357
  • give ammo_9mmbox – 9mm box
  • give ammo_buckshot – Buckshot
  • give ammo_crossbow – Crossbow
  • give ammo_egonclip – Egon
  • give ammo_argrenades – ar grenades
  • give ammo_mp5clip – MP5 Clip
  • give ammo_gaussclip – Gauss Clip
  • give ammo_glockclip – Glock Clip
  • give ammo_mp5grenades – MP5 Grenades

Console Commands to Change Maps or Levels

In Black Mesa, you have the power to instantly travel to any level you desire using special console commands. Whether you prefer to load or jump to a specific level, these cheat codes and console commands will come to your aid.

Example: “map bm_c4a1c1″ will load The Houndeye Bridge”.

Here you can use all the map ids:

Black Mesa Inbound

  • bm_c0a0a
  • bm_c0a0b
  • bm_c0a0c

We’ve Got Hostiles

  • bm_c1a3a
  • bm_c1a3b
  • bm_c1a3c

Blast Pit

  • bm_c1a4a
  • bm_c1a4b
  • bm_c1a4c
  • bm_c1a4d
  • bm_c1a4e

Unforeseen Consequences

  • bm_c1a1a
  • bm_c1a1b
  • bm_c1a1c
  • bm_c1a1d
  • bm_c1a1e

Office Complex

  • bm_c1a2a
  • bm_c1a2b
  • bm_c1a2c

Anomalous Materials

  • bm_c1a0a
  • bm_c1a0b

Power Up

  • bm_c2a1a
  • bm_c2a1b

Lambda Core

  • bm_c3a2a
  • bm_c3a2b
  • bm_c3a2c
  • bm_c3a2d
  • bm_c3a2e
  • bm_c3a2f
  • bm_c3a2g
  • bm_c3a2h

On a Rail

  • bm_c2a2a
  • bm_c2a2b
  • bm_c2a2c


  • bm_c2a3a
  • bm_c2a3b

Residue Processing

  • bm_c2a4a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a4c
  • bm_c2a4d

Questionable Ethics

  • bm_c2a4e
  • bm_c2a4f
  • bm_c2a4g
  • bm_c2a4h

Surface Tension

  • bm_c2a5a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a5c
  • bm_c2a5d
  • bm_c2a5e
  • bm_c2a5f
  • bm_c2a5g

Forget About Freeman

  • bm_c3a1a
  • bm_c3a1b

Xen Map or Level Ids

These map IDs represent the various stages you’ll encounter during your journey in Xen. Whether you want to revisit a specific area or explore a particular level, you can use the corresponding map ID with the “map” command to load that specific Xen level in Black Mesa.

Here are some map IDs for the Xen levels in Black Mesa:


  • Arrival: bm_c4a2a
  • Area after following Gonarch and jumping down (the area where you need to blow the wall with a detonator): bm_c4a2b
  • An area where Gonarch destroys a wall with her green goo attack (I got stuck there once in beta ^^): bm_c4a2c


  • Arrival: bm_c4a1a
  • Grotto before laboratory: bm_c4a1a1
  • Laboratory before explosive plant section: bm_c4a1b
  • Shortly before the big tree area, where 3 rooms have to be solved to open up the path: bm_c4a1b1
  • Open the alley before jumping down a big hole and encountering ground barnacles for the first time: bm_c4a1c
  • The houndeye bridge: bm_c4a1c1


  • Arrival: bm_c4a3a
  • After first controller fight, in the canyon: bm_c4a3a1
  • When encountering the grates that need to get molten by green acid: bm_c4a3b
  • Another cave with green acid riddles: bm_c4a3b1
  • Shortly before arriving at the factory entrance, where the first jumping Alien Grunts spawn: bm_c4a3b2
  • Before starting the assembly line riddle: bm_c4a3c
  • Assembly line riddle, before controller ambush: bm_c4a3c1
  • Assembly line riddle, before going up the flesh trampolines: bm_c4a3c2
  • Second waste disposal area, shortly before starting the elevator section: bm_c4a3d
  • At the end of the elevator sequence shortly before the teleporter to Nihilanth: bm_c4a3d1


  • Arrival: bm_c4a4a

End Game

  • Kaboooooooooooooooooooooooom: bm_c4a5a

These were all of the console commands for Black Mesa.