BlackTail: How to Complete “There be Dragons” Quest

In BlackTail you will be asked to do quests along the way. In the quests, you will have to do some tasks like defeating the boss, solving puzzles, and finding items. You will ask to do There be Dragons Quest by the Mushrooms. The quest will include defeating two bosses and some puzzles.

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete the There be Dragons Quest in Blacktail.

Quest Location:

After reaching the first save point you will ask to follow the Trail of Crumbs. These are the orange heart marks that you need to follow. While following you reached a place where you need to cross the bridge. The bridge is broken and you need to cross it. You proceed further to find a way to cross the bridge but there you will meet Mushrooms called Slippery mushrooms. They will ask you to help them and they will help you to find the way.

quest location

How to find Knight:

You need to follow the path to the red circle area on the map. You will find multiple bee hives which will get angry and attack you. You can use the dash to stop them. You will also face multiple explosive bees. When you shoot them with a bow they will explode. You will reach a canyon. Where you will talk to Knight Mushroom and there you will be attacked by multiple dwarf enemies. After killing them move forward.

Defeating Rebel and Peewee the Dragon:

Moving forward you will face two bosses. The first one you will face is Rebel Boss and the second one is Pewee the Dragon Boss. We have discussed in a separate detailed guide on how to defeat them.

After defeating them you will reach the bridge where you will see a stone. The stone has written something on which will tell to do two tasks.

  • Find the Red Rose
  • Find the Fish
find red rose

How to find the Red Rose:

You need to find the red rose around the map. You will find the rose in the red location on the map. Follow the path within the water to find the rose. You will find a big red rose on the right side.

red rose location

After finding the rose you need to open the Chest there. There you will see a light appear from the flower which will draw a hologram. Use your ability by pressing the F button on the hologram to reveal the chest. Open the chest and get the red item. After that get the eye from the rose and get back to the stone.

How to do Fishing:

Now stone writing task is to get the fish by fishing in the river. Go to the river and you will find a wooden platform. There you can do fishing. Try not to fall in the water it will give you damage because you have the witch ability.


To do fishing you need to interact with the water circle and then press the left mouse button to throw the bait in the water. When you see the water splashes you need to press the mouse button again to get the fish. You can also stop the fishing by pressing the right mouse button.

Go back to the Mushrooms:

After catching the fish go back to the bridge you will see the stone will disappear and unlock the path for you. Follow the path to reach the Mushroom. They will ask you if you finish the dragon. Choose the Dragon is Dead option. They will tell you they have fixed the bridge as they told you. This will complete the quest.

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