BlackTail: How to Defeat Peewee the Dragon

As you progress in the game you will have to defeat multiple bosses. Along the way, you will also find the Peewee Boss which likes the honey most. You will see this boss hanging inside the cave where you have to defeat him to progress further in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Peewee the Dragon in Blacktail.

Peewee Boss Location:

You will be able to find this boss during the (There Be Dragon Quest). After defeating the Rebel Boss move forward to find the next boss. Follow the path beside the water and you will reach the place where you will see the circular wooden door.

Gnolls Camp:

Open the door and you will see multiple Gnolls there. There you will receive the Broom Ability. Gnolls are the quickest ones they will jump to attack you with their hands by smashing them toward you. They also throw stones to attack you.

The Broom Ability:

In this ability, you place a blue lightning tree which will distract the enemy. You will see the enemy attacks the tree instead of attacking you. Which will give you some time to save yourself. You can use this ability by pressing the Q button to place the tree.

broom ability

Free the Toad:

After defeating them proceed forward you will see multiple chests by opening them you will get the useful materials. You will reach the open area where you will see multiple enemies including the root plant and poison plant. Clear the area you will see a toad structure. You will kiss the toad to free him.

free the toad

Meet the Mushroom Kid:

Move forward and help the larva and meet the Gnoll Engineer whom you will talk about your sister while telling about your sister he will die. Move forward and open the chest from the winding house. Moving forward you will see a cave to the left side. Before entering the cave you will meet a Mushroom kid who will ask you to save his sister which is kidnapped by the dragon. You will agree to help him and move inside. You will get the sticky arrow inside the cave. 

Sticky Arrow:

These are the arrow dipping honey. When you use them on the enemy they will explode and slow them down. You can press 2 to select the arrow and shoot them at the enemy. Actually, this is a trap set by the mushroom kid and you fell for it. You will fall down to save his sister but you will meet the boss there.

sticky arrrow

How to defeat the Boss:

You will see the boss handing inside the honey and this boss is related to the honey. So you need to shoot the honey arrows to give him damage. This boss will throw stones to attack which he will do with his tail. You can dodge the by doing a dash. You will also see multiple pillars around you can hide behind them to save yourself.  Attack to his head to give him more damage.

Fire and Poison Stone:

He will throw fire stones at you first he will throw them one by one and then he will throw multiple at the same time. He will also throw poison balls. This boss has a long HP bar but he won’t use different attacks. He will just use the stone to attack but he will use stones of different types.

fire and poison

After depleting his HP he will tell you he’s not the real dragon this was just a trap set by the mushrooms. Then he will ask you to give him more honey. Shoot the honey arrow one more time and he will explode.

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