BlackTail: How to Defeat Rebel Boss

During the journey in BlackTail you will also face Bosses that you need to defeat in order to proceed further. You will also face Rebel Boss which is the quickest boss around. He will do multiple attacks including disappearing.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat the Rebel Boss in Blacktail.

Rebel Location:

 You will be able to find this boss during There be Dragons Quest. After talking to the mushroom you will see multiple enemies coming to attack you and you will use the ability which will tear them apart. There you will get the ability.

rebel location

Special Treat Skill:

This skill is the Bow skill which will explode the enemy hoard. When you see multiple enemies you need to hold the power shot and then press F to fire the special Treat attack.

special treat skill

You will see multiple insects along the way they will ask you to help them. You can help them by guiding them on the right path.

After moving forward you will see a cave. Get inside the cave and you will meet the Rebel Boss.

Rebel Boss:

Rebel Boss is a snake-type boss having a big circular head. You will see an axe attach to his head and an armed person hanging with the axe. He will do multiple attacks between the fight.

How to defeat the Rebel Boss:

After reaching there he will do some talk and try to threaten you where your fight with the boss begins. He will do multiple attacks at first he will swing and disappear into the ground. He can spawn from anywhere in the ground. But at the spawn location, the mark will appear which let you know to save yourself. He will quickly rotate around and change his position. So beware of his positions. He will do a big jump and a small jump toward you to attack with his head. If you get caught in this attack it will quickly drain your HP. You can save yourself by dodging the attack do a dash while you see the attack coming.

fight rebel

Head Smash Attack:

He will swing and then instantly smash his head on the ground to track you. Try to create some distance to save yourself from the attack.

Guard Attack:

In this attack, he will smash his head on the ground and release the armed person toward you who will attack you with his axe. He will also rotate around and create a black cloud around his body. The person will quickly move around. You need to stay away when he will rotate.

Swing Attack:

He will swing his head with the surface and throw multiple red stones toward you. You can dodge this attack by moving in the opposite direction of the attack.

swing attack

He will also summons small form his body which will chase you and attack you. You can use the bow to destroy them.

Yellow circle Attack:

In this attack, he will throw summon multiple stones like a tornado and then smash them on the ground to create an explosion. The attack position will create a big circle around it. You need to stay away from the circle to save yourself.

yellow circle attack