BlackTail – How to Defeat Shade of DRAGOY Spirit

You will see multiple spirits while progressing in Blacktail. They will distract you throughout the game. You have to chase them and defeat them. You will see this spirit in the trail of crumbs and decide to chase him and defeat him.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Defeat the Shade of DRAGOY Spirit in BlackTail.

Spirit of Dragoy Location:

Follow the trail of crumbs. You will see a spirit pass by you. Follow him and you will be attacked by the Gnolls. Gnolls are faster and do fast attacks. Defeat them and move forward. A little far you will see multiple Boboks. Shoot them with the arrow and collect them. They will help you in reminding your old memories.

How to Find the Doll:

After collecting all the Boboks reach the wooden place and get the skull and interact with the skull. Skull will disappear after that following the mark on the ground to reach the wooden house near the cliff. You will see a doll on the wooden block. Interact with the doll.

The Vision:

  After interacting with the doll you will see your broken memory vision. You need to adjust the time and space to gather the missing part which will reveal the uncovered truth. You can use the W and S to adjust the time then use A and D to adjust the space. After that press the left mouse button to lock the missing part. After gathering all the missing you will see some kind of monster that will move toward to attack you. There you will see the same spirit which will get out of the memory and run away.

the vision

Follow the Spirit:

Following the spirit, you will reach a place where you will see the Shade of Dragoy.

How to defeat the Shade of Dragoy:

You need to defeat the shade of Dragoy there. You will see the spirit move very fast. You can’t hit him because he is uncatchable. You can slow him down by shooting the Boboks on the tree. Shoot the Bobok. Because the spirit is fast you don’t know where he will stop. After shooting the Bobok look around quickly and shoot him. You need to shoot him instantly because he will stay still for a short period of time. Shoot the spirit for three to four times just look for the stoppage position and after depleting his half HP The spirit will explode. 

follow the trail

After that, you will see a big tree that you need to defeat. He will use his big branch to attack you. Because the tree has big branches it will draw a red mark on the ground where he will attack. So get out of the red circle locations to save yourself from the attack. Shooting an arrow at his branches won’t affect him and it will not deplete his HP. When the tree uses its branch to attack you will see multiple pink circles on the branch. You will also face small enemies in the fight.

fight shade of dragoy

You will have to destroy multiple pink eggs to deplete his HP. He will use his branch multiple times and then an eye will appear under the tree. Attack the eye to defeat him.

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