BlackTail: How to Hunt a Dear and Cook the Meat

BlackTail is based on a 16-year-old girl named Yaga (protagonist of Blacktail). She will see multiple nightmares and talk about her sister Zora. You will see your past memories and walking spirit. You will choose to hunt them down in search of finding answers to your dreams. You need food to survive for which you will hunt dear down.

In This guide, we will discuss How to Hunt a Dear and Cook Meat in Blacktail.

Take the Bow:

The game starts and you will ask to get the bow. Take the bow from the tree and move forward. Now you need to get the materials to craft the arrows. You will see multiple worms on the water use the dash to destroy them and you will get the crystal from them.

How to Make Arrows:

To make an arrow you need some wood and feathers. While moving around the map you will see multiple feathers on the ground. You will also see the dried shiny wood plants from which you can get the wood. After getting both materials you need to access your inventory to craft the arrow. Click the Tab button to see your inventory.

crafting arrowss

You will see an arrow mark in your inventory. In this game, you don’t need to go to a specific place to craft just access the inventory to craft. It will be created automatically. You just need to fulfill the material requirements to craft the arrow. To craft one arrow you need Two Feathers and One Wood. To craft, one arrow clicks the left mouse button, and for the stacks use the right mouse button.

How to Use the Bow:

So you will face the short-distance target and long-range target. For short-range, you need to click the left mouse button once, and for the long-range shot to hold the left mouse button.

How to Hunt a Deer:

So you need food to fulfill your health for that you need to hunt animals to get the meat. You will see deer around the map most of the time you will see them jumping and running. The chance of them standing still is less and in case if you are sneaky. So it will be difficult to target the deer. You need to hold the aim and predict his next steps. It will take two hits to hunt him down. After one shot the Deer will quickly run away. Follow the area around and take the final shot.

hunting dear

How to cook the Meat:

After hunting the deer go near and get the meat. So you can cook the meat on the campfire by hanging the meat. Go to the campfire and cook the meat. For the meat to cook, you will show a puzzle on the screen in which you have to put the flame. The flame will come from different places you need to put the flame in the circle. You need to put four flames to cook the meat.

cooking meat