BlackTail: How to Unlock Yaga Skills

BlackTail is based on a 16-year girl which used to be a witch before her nightmare comes to chase her. Now she is chasing the spirits to hunt them down in search of her sister. AS the game starts you came to know that Yaga also has the skills and abilities that you need to unlock.

In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock Yaga Skills in BlackTail.

At the start of the game after camping, you will a spirit quickly pass through the tree and destroy the tree. The tree falls on the river and makes the path for you. You decide to chase the spirit.  

How to Find the Hut:

Follow the spirit by crossing the river. After crossing the river you will find the Boboks, they are memory reminders. You will find them in many places in the jungle. Following the path, you will a circular structure which leads you to the dark place. Move forward and you will see the hut. The one which Yaga saw three years ago. The hut is a transparent house in which you will see a black pot.

finding hut

Follow the path and follow the wooden stairs to reach the Hut. There you need to investigate the hut. The hut is transparent don’t worry you won’t fall. Just get inside and the structure will change.

The Cauldron and Skill Tree:

First, interact with the hand mark on the right side which will show you the resources. The resources are feathers, wood, red herb, honey, etc. Each has its purpose and use. Then Interact with the Pot that is called The Cauldron. This will unlock your skill Tree.

So the game follows the automatically unlocked skill pattern. As you progress through the game you will see a situation like before a boss fight or any puzzle you will unlock a skill that you can check later in your skill tree.

The Caldron is a pot that you can access to unlock a new skill and you can upgrade your skill near the pot.


How to Brew Recipes:

The brew is a function in the game that will let you make different recipes. This will require different ingredients. You won’t be able to unlock all the skills. Some skills require a unique lost page that has the recipe to brew.

Weapon and Attacks:

Yaga has a specific weapon that she will use in the entire game The Crossbow. Although she has the crossbow but she can change the arrows to use it as a different attack. The Yaga will use the basic arrow which will cost a block of wood and the feather to craft. She will use the sticky arrow in which she will use the honey to craft. Then the flame arrow in which she will use the flame. You can all these items around the jungle while progressing through the game and access the inventory to craft them.  

sticky arrows

Skills and Abilities:

As you know that Yaga has different skills and abilities. We will discuss some of her skills here.

  • Potion of Vitality: This is one of your first and basic abilities which increases your maximum vitality.
  • Antidote Skill: This is a green potion that will cure the poison for a short period of time.
  • Sharp Shooter Skill: This skill will increase the draw distance of the bow.
  • The Broom Ability: This will spawn a blue tree which will distract the enemies. Instead of attacking you, they will attack the tree.


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