Bloodborne PSX Demake: Cheats List & How To Use Them

Enable giant heads or even a pet dog by using the given cheats.

Using the Bloodborne PSX Demake can break the rules of the game. You can enable the big head mode, pet dog mode, paintball mode, and many more to enjoy the game.

Bloodborne PSX comes with several cheat codes that wildly alter its gameplay, and one of those codes lets you alter the β€œYou Died” message to be whatever you want.

Apart from providing the cheats, we’ll also tell you how to use them. So, let’s dive in.

How to use cheats in Bloodborne PSX Demake?

How to use cheats in Bloodborne PSX Demake

Follow the below steps to use cheats in Bloodborne PSX Demake.

  • Run Bloodborne PSX demake on your PC.
  • Press theΒ Esc or QΒ button on your Keyboard orΒ StartΒ on your controller toΒ Access the menu.
  • Here use theΒ arrow keysΒ on your Keyboard orΒ D-padΒ toΒ navigate the menu.
  • Go to theΒ SettingsΒ option and press Enter or Start button to open it.
  • The third option that you will find here isΒ cheats, open it.
  • Type the cheats given above.
  • Once you enter the cheatΒ click on the bottom right buttonΒ that has aΒ two-right arrow icon.

Full List of Bloodborne PSX Demake Cheats

Following are all the available cheats for Bloodborne PSX Demake.

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
SOCKEMUse this cheat to give small damage to the unarmed.
TOPHEAVYEnables the big head mode.
YESYOUCANEnables the pet dog mode.
CONVOLUTEDΒ Use this cheat to alter time with the right stick.
SPLATSILVERΒ Activates the paintball mode.
ICHANGEDMYMINDTO + [text]Use this cheat to change your name.
WHATIFITWAS + [text]The cheat lets you change the β€˜you died’ text.

That sums up this guide on the cheats for Bloodborne PSX demake and how to use them.

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