Fixed: Can’t Open Chrome Plugins on Windows 10

In the past, Google Chrome allowed toggling of plugins like enabling or disabling from the chrome://plugins URL. This page no longer exists.

In the latest Google chrome typing chrome://plugins or chrome://settings/content, you can’t open chrome plugins. If you do that you will only get a chrome error message telling you that “This site can’t be reached” with an ERR_INVALID_URL

Why? Because Chrome has removed this “hidden page” completely. Instead, Chrome on Windows 10 PC has introduced a new way to access and manage installed plugins.

Why Sites can’t Reach When Accessing Chrome Plugins?

As already explained in the latest Chrome version Google has removed the chrome://plugins page. If you can’t open chrome plugins it won’t mean that there is an issue with the browser.

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Rest assured that your browser is fine! In the previous Chrome update, users can access their installed plugins by typing chrome://settings/content in the search bar. But in the latest version, they have replaced the plugins section with Extensions.

Since users are following the old method can’t see plugins so they get confused about it and start thinking that there is an issue with the browser.

How to Access/Open Chrome Plugins on Windows 10?

Now that the Chrome plugins page has been removed don’t panic at all. The plugins are still accessible under the browser’s settings.

Method 1: Access Plugins Page via Settings

You can easily access the plugins and change their settings via the settings page. Just follow the steps given below

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click the 3 dots on the top right corner
  • Scroll over “More Tools”
  • Click on “Extensions”
Fixed: Can't Open Chrome Plugins on Windows 10
Can't Open Chrome Plugins on Windows 10

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Method 2: Open Plugins Via Direct Path

This is an alternative method in case you don’t want to follow the steps explained in method 1. Then you need to simply paste the URL of the plugins page in the Chrome search bar. Chrome will open all the installed plugins. You can turn it on/off by moving the slider.

The steps for opening the contents page are given below

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type chrome://extensions/ and press Enter

This is it, now you are probably seeing at all of your plugins/extensions.

Method 3: Still Can’t Open Chrome Plugins

We have found that this approach is more reliable while accessing Google Chrome Settings. Here is a quick approach to access Chrome extensions that have been removed from Chrome://plugins.

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Right-click on any plugin you already installed on your browser and select “Manage Extensions.”
  • Click on “Extensions” to the left upper right and select extensions
How do i open chrome plugins
How do i install plugins

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