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How To Change Asus TUF Laptop Keyboard Backlight Color

How To Change Asus TUF Laptop Keyboard Backlight Color

Asus TUF laptops are designed to offer a premium gaming experience at an affordable price. Many users want to change the Asus TUF Laptop Keyboard Backlight color. You can change this by using Armory Crate Software pre-installed your device. Along with changing the color, you can use specific light effects. You can also synchronize its lighting with your other TUF accessories if you have any.

In this article, we have explained how to change keyboard color on an Asus Tuf gaming laptop.

How Can I Change My Asus TUF Laptop Keyboard Backlight Color?

Follow the below-mentioned simple steps if you have any Asus Tuf Keyboard i.e. A15, F15, V2, Fx505 and you want to change the keyboard backlight RGB color on your Asus Tuf gaming laptop.

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But if you want original keyboard light, you need to click on the reset to default button located on the upper right side of the system screen and you will go back to original keyboard color.

How to Change Keyboard Backlight Color Asus Laptop – Step by Step Video Tutorial

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