Check Purchase History: How Much Have I Spent on Valorant? 

What's the total money you have spent on Valorant?

Valorant is a 5v5 competitive game that is free to play. Valorant has been on the radar and is famous even in its beta stage. The game has an immense focus on its competitive aspects and Agents’ balances. As well as the in-game cosmetics and game skins are unlike any other game with always coming new weapon bundles.

The Weapon skins and bundles in Valorant have introduced new VFX for the weapons which makes the skins very unique and the players are always excited to get new bundles from Riot Games.

Valorant’s In-Game Store

Valorant has a built-in store, you cannot buy any skin by going into the store. But the store has a very interesting rotation mechanism for the weapon skins to come into a player’s store. Every player has a unique store that goes on weapon rotation every 24 hours.

Valorant’s Purchase History Tool

Valorant has a purchase history tool that will help you check how much you’ve spent in the game in terms of purchasing in-game cosmetics. This can help you track how much money you’ve been spending on Valorant.

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It can help you control the amount of money you spend your money by having an overall view of your purchase history in-game.

How to check your Valorant Purchase History

Valorant has an official purchase history tool that can help you track your purchases and your money.

You can follow these steps in order to check your Valorant Purchase History by using Valorant’s official website.

How to check your Valorant Purchase History
  • You’ve to go to Riot Games’ official support website.
  • You’ve to go to the Checking Your Purchase History.
  • Log in to your account at their Purchase History page.
  • Next, you’ve to click on the ‘get my purchase history’ option.
  • Riot will prompt you to your purchase history.
  • Purchase history includes Cost in VPs, payment method, date, and time for the purchase.

This is a helpful tool to help you keep track of your purchase record. You can get a refund on your Valorant Points if you’ve purchased them for up to 90 days.

NOTE: Battlepass, bundles, Radianite Points and Weapon Skins are not refundable. The purchase History tool is to help you keep track of the money spent on your Valorant Account.

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