It is normal for the computer fan to run when you turn on your PC and do the usual work. But the panic starts when the computer fan is running constantly. This shows the first sign of computer overheating. Now, what to do and how to fix a noisy computer fan problem?

The main cause behind computer fan running at high speed is overheating. What is overheating? While performing complex tasks CPU, GPU, Hard disk drive generates heat which due to insufficient cooling system accumulates inside the computer case. Sometimes it is the dust piled up on your PC and often it’s the old/broken CPU or other hardware. Faulty software and their drivers also raise suspicion why PC fan is running constantly.

Where you have checked that everything is fine in a computer then it may be the CPU Fan or PSU Fan that causing a high PC temperature. Computer fans by its nature run most of the time. That way they inhale fresh air and expel hot air from PC. With the passage of time, the PC fan gets rusty or broken. To check if a PC fan is working or not there is much software to control computer fan speed. You can download CPU temp monitor software to check which component is producing more heat. The Speed Fan for Windows 10-7 and other windows OS is best while For Macs fan controller is the best monitoring app for mac.

After download temp, monitoring software checks your PC temp. If your PC is showing normal CPU or GPU temperature but fans are still spinning continuously then there is a probability of broken computer fan. Unplug the case fan, CPU fan, and if possible from PSU. Clean the PC fan slot and then plug them back. It will most likely solve your problem with the noisy computer fan.

In case, the problem of faulty PC fan persists then any or all PC fans are broken. Now, this issue can only be solved by replacing the computer fan with the new one. There are many aftermarket computer fans and CPU air coolers that can help you in this matter.

As already explained case fans and CPU fans are responsible for breathing in cool air and expel hot air. The computer fan is very important to have an improved cooling system in the PC otherwise you can face a computer overheating problem but rest assure you prevent PC overheating with simple measures.

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