Cookie Clicker All Achievements and How to Get Them

Orteil launched cookie Clicker in 2013, and it has subsequently appeared on Steam and mobile platforms. The gameplay is straightforward for an inactive gamer: Players click on a huge cookie to get one cookie every click until they have accumulated enough cookies to buy in-game upgrades.

If you complete specific targets in Cookie Clicker, you’ll receive achievement badges. All of them, with the exception of shadow achievements, increase the amount of milk that unlocks Kitten upgrades that raise the cookies per second (CPS).

There are 4 dungeon achievements in addition to 569 normal achievements, and 16 shadow achievements, and they can only be obtained in the Dungeons Beta. Your milk percentage rises by 4% with every normal achievement, up to a maximum of 1,512% milk. Milk is unaffected by shadow achievement.

The statistics displayed in the tables below indicate the normal achievements, which are automatically counted. Prior to being earned, shadow achievements are not counted but are instead displayed as +1.

All Cookie Clicker Normal Achievements

Players may obtain normal achievements by playing casually. Achievements like clicking, ascension, and building are a few examples. These are the ones that make up the majority of the game, numbering a little over 500.

Wake and bakeIn one ascension, bake 1 cookie0
Making some doughIn one ascension, bake 1,000 cookies1
So baked right nowIn one ascension, bake 100,000 cookies2
Fledgling bakeryIn one ascension, bake 1 million cookies3
Affluent bakeryIn one ascension, bake 100 million cookies4
World-famous bakeryIn one ascension, bake 1 billion cookies5
Cosmic bakeryIn one ascension bake 100 billion cookies6
Galactic bakeryIn one ascension, bake 1 trillion cookies.7
Universal bakeryIn one ascension, bake 100 trillion cookies.8
Timeless bakeryIn one ascension, bake 1 quadrillion cookies.9
Infinite bakeryIn one ascension, bake 100 quadrillion cookies10
Immortal bakeryIn one ascension, bake 1 quintillion cookies11
Don’t stop me nowIn one ascension, bake 100 quintillion cookies12
You can stop nowIn one ascension, bake 1 sextillion cookies13
Cookies all the way downIn one ascension, bake 100 sextillion cookies14
OverdoseIn one ascension, bake 1 septillion cookies15
How?In one ascension, bake 100 septillion cookies223
The land of milk and cookiesIn one ascension, bake 1 octillion cookies224
He who controls the cookies controls the universeIn one ascension, bake 100 octillion cookies.  
“The milk must flow!”
Tonight, on HoardersIn one ascension, bake 1 nonillion cookies226
Are you gonna eat all that?In one ascension, bake 100 nonillion cookies227
We’re gonna need a bigger bakeryIn one ascension, bake 1 decillion cookies228
In the mouth of madnessIn one ascension, bake 100 decillion cookies
“A cookie is just what we tell each other it is.”
Brought to you by the letter In one ascension, bake 1 undecillion cookies230
The dreams in which I’m baking are the best I’ve ever hadIn one ascension, bake 100 undecillion cookies279
Set for lifeIn one ascension, bake 1 duodecillion cookies280
Panic! at NabiscoIn one ascension, bake 100 duodecillion cookies372
Bursting at the seamsIn one ascension, bake 1 tredecillion cookies373
Just about fullIn one ascension, bake 100 tredecillion cookies374
Hungry for moreIn one ascension, bake 1 quattuordecillion cookies375
Feed me, OrteilIn one ascension, bake 100 quattuordecillion cookies390
And then what?In one ascension, bake 1 quindecillion cookies391
I think it’s safe to say you’ve got it madeIn one ascension, bake 100 quindecillion cookies429
A sometimes foodIn one ascension, bake 1 sexdecillion cookies451
Not enough of a good thingCookies in one ascension, bake 100 sexdecillion 452
Horn of plentyIn one ascension, bake 1 septendecillion cookies453
Large and in chargeIn one ascension, bake 100 septendecillion cookies470
Absolutely stuffedIn one ascension, bake 1 octodecillion cookies471
It’s only wafer-thinin one ascension, Bake 100 octodecillion cookies  “Just the one!”472
Think bigIn one ascension, bake 1 novemdecillion cookie534
Hypersize meIn one ascension, bake 100 novemdecillion cookies535
Max capacityIn one ascension, bake 1 vigintillion cookies536
Fake it till you bake itIn one ascension, bake 100 vigintillion cookies578
History in the bakingIn one ascension, bake 1 unvigintillion cookie579
What do you get for the baker who has everythingIn one ascension, bake 100 unvigintillion cookies586
Bottomless pitIn one ascension, bake 1 duovigintillion cookie587

Cookie Clicker CPS (Cookies Per Second) Achievements

Based on “Raw cookies per second,” these are the number of cookies made per second. The CPS Achievements do not apply to any CPS that has been enhanced by Golden Cookie effects or enhancements.

Casual bakingBake 1 cookie per second.16
Hardcore bakingBake 10 cookies per second.17
Steady tasty streamBake 100 cookies per second.18
Cookie monsterBake 1,000 cookies per second.19
Mass producerBake 10,000 cookies per second.20
Cookie vortexBake 1 million cookies per second.21
Cookie pulsarBake 10 million cookies per second.22
Cookie quasarBake 100 million cookies per second.23
Oh hey, you’re still hereBake 1 billion cookies per second.24
Let’s never bake againBake 10 billion cookies per second.25
A world filled with cookiesBake 1 trillion cookies per second.231
When this baby hits 36 quadrillion cookies per hourBake 10 trillion cookies per second.232
Fast and deliciousBake 100 trillion cookies per second.233
Cookiehertz: a really, really tasty hertzBake 1 quadrillion cookies per second.
“Tastier than a hertz donut, anyway.”
Whoops, you solved world hungerBake 10 quadrillion cookies per second.235
TurbopunsBake 1 quintillion cookies per second.
“Mother Nature will be like “slowwwww dowwwwwn”.”
Faster mennerBake 10 quintillion cookies per second.237
And yet you’re still hungryBake 100 quintillion cookies per second.238
The AbakeningBake 1 sextillion cookies per second.239
There isn’t really a set length restriction on these achievement titles, and to be quite honest, I’m intrigued to see how lengthy we can make them. Beginning in 1864, Adolphus W. Green (1844–1917) served as the Groton School’s principal. At the New York Mercantile Library, he rose to the position of second assistant librarian by 1865. From 1867 to 1869, he held the position of full librarian. He worked for William M. Evarts, Charles Ferdinand Southmayd, and Joseph Hodges Choate’s law company Evarts, Southmayd & Choate from 1869 until 1873. In 1873, he was accepted into the New York State Bar Association. Anyhow, how has your day been thus far?Bake 10 sextillion cookies per second.240
FastBake 1 septillion cookies per second.
Knead for speedBake 10 septillion cookies per second.
“How did we not make that one yet?”
Well the cookies start coming and they don’t stop comingBake 100 septillion cookies per second.
“Didn’t make sense not to click for fun.”
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but all these icons are very slightly off-centerBake 1 octillion cookies per second.276
The proof of the cookie is in the bakingBake 10 octillion cookies per second.
“How can you have any cookies if you don’t bake your dough?”
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoingBake 1 nonillion cookies per second.278
Running with scissorsBake 10 nonillion cookies per second.368
Rarefied airBake 100 nonillion cookies per second.369
Push it to the limitBake 1 decillion cookies per second.370
Green cookies sleep furiouslyBake 10 decillion cookies per second.371
Leisurely paceBake 1 undecillion cookies per second.388
HypersonicBake 10 undecillion cookies per second.389
Gotta go fastBake 100 undecillion cookies per second.428
Bake him away, toysBake 1 duodecillion cookies per second.448
You’re #1 so why try harderBake 10 duodecillion cookies per second.449
Haven’t even begun to peakBake 1 tredecillion cookies per second.450
What did we even eat before theseBake 10 tredecillion cookies per second.467
Heavy flowBake 100 tredecillion cookies per second.468
More you say?Bake 1 quattuordecillion cookies per second.469
Keep going until I say stopBake 10 quattuordecillion cookies per second.531
But I didn’t say stop, did I?Bake 1 quindecillion cookies per second.532
With unrivaled fervorBake 10 quindecillion cookies per second.533
I am speedBake 100 quindecillion cookies per second.576
And on and onBake 1 sexdecillion cookies per second.577
Everything happens so muchBake 10 sexdecillion cookies per second.584
I’ll rest when I’m deadBake 1 septendecillion cookies per second.585

Cookie Clicker Clicking Achievements

ClicktasticMake 1,000 cookies by clicking30
ClickathlonMake 100,000 cookies by clicking31
ClickolympicsMake 10 million cookies by clicking32
ClickoramaMake 1 billion cookies by clicking33
ClickasmicMake 100 billion cookies by clicking100
ClickageddonMake 10 trillion cookies by clicking145
ClicknarokMake 1 quadrillion cookies by clicking146
ClickastropheMake 100 quadrillion cookies by clicking244
ClickataclysmMake 10 quintillion cookies by clicking245
The ultimate click downMake 1 sextillion cookies by clicking
“(of ultimate destiny.)”
All the other kids with the pumped-up clicksMake 100 sextillion cookies by clicking376
One…more…click…Make 10 septillion cookies by clicking377
Clickety splitMake 1 octillion cookie by clicking473
Ain’t that a click in the headMake 100 octillion cookies by clicking574

Cookie Clicker Grandma Achievements

ClickPossess 1 cursor34
Double-clickPossess 2 cursors35
Mouse wheelPossess 50 cursors.36
Of Mice and MenPossess 100 cursors.37
The DigitalPossess 200 cursors.38
Extreme polydactylyPossess 300 cursors.147
Dr. TPossess 400 cursors.148
Thumbs, phalanges, metacarpalsPossess 500 cursors
With her finger and her thumbPossess 600 cursors398
Gotta hand it to youPossess 700 cursors474
The devil’s workshopPossess 800 cursors493
Click delegatorMake 10 quintillion cookies just by cursors134
Finger clickin’ goodMake 100 septillion cookies just by cursors.189
Click (starring Adam Sandler)Make 1 decillion cookies just by cursors.293
Freaky jazz handsReach level 10 cursors.307

Just wrongSell a grandma
“I thought you loved me.”
ElderPossess at least 7 grandma types81
VeteranPossess at least 14 grandma types
“14’s a crowd!”
The elder scrollsPossess a combined 777 grandmas and cursors
“Let me guess. Someone stole your cookie.”
Grandma’s cookiesPossess 1 grandma40
Sloppy kissesPossess 50 grandmas41
Retirement homePossess 100 grandmas42
Friend of the ancientsPossess 150 grandmas101
Ruler of the ancientsPossess 200 grandmas102
The old never bothered me anywayPossess 250 grandmas149
The agemasterPossess 300 grandmas208
To oldly goPossess 350 grandmas209
Aged wellPossess 400 grandmas338
101st birthdayPossess 450 grandmas339
Defense of the AncientsPossess 500 grandmas340
But wait ’til you get olderPossess 550 grandmas399
Okay boomerPossess 600 grandmas475
They mostly come at nightPossess 650 grandmas556
Gushing granniesMake 10 quintillion cookies just by grandmas135
Panic at the bingoMake 100 septillion cookies just by grandmas190
FrantiquitiesMake 1 decillion cookies just by grandmas294
MethuselahReach level 10 grandmas308

Cookie Clicker Farm Achievements

Bought the farmPossess 1 farm43
Reap what you sowPossess 50 farms44
Farm illPossess 100 farms45
Perfected agriculturePossess 150 farms115
HomegrownPossess 200 farms150
Gardener extraordinairePossess 250 farms210
Seedy businessPossess 300 farms250
You and the beanstalkPossess 350 farms281
Harvest moonPossess 400 farms341
Make it like a treePossess 450 farms354
Sharpest tool in the shedPossess 500 farms400
OverripePossess 550 farms476
In the greenPossess 600 farms494
It’s grown on youPossess 650 farms557
I hate manureMake 100 trillion cookies just by farms136
Rake in the doughMake 1 sextillion cookies just by farms191
OvergrowthMake 10 octillion cookies just by farms295
Huge tracts of landReach level 10 farms309

Cookie Clicker Mine Achievements

You know the drillPossess 1 mine.49
Excavation sitePossess 50 mines.50
Hollow the planetPossess 100 mines.51
Can you dig itPossess 150 mines.117
Center of the EarthPossess 200 mines.152
Tectonic ambassadorPossess 250 mines.211
Freak frackingPossess 300 mines.251
Romancing the stonePossess 350 mines.282
Mine?Possess 400 mines.342
Cave storyPossess 450 mines.355
Hey now, you’re a rockPossess 500 mines.401
Rock onPossess 550 mines.477
Mountain out of a molehill, but like in a good wayPossess 600 mines.495
Don’t let the walls cave in on youPossess 650 mines.558
Never dig downMake 1 quadrillion cookies just by mine.137
Quarry onMake 10 sextillion cookies just by mine.192
SedimentalismMake 100 octillion cookies just by mine.296
D-d-d-d-deeperReach level 10 mines.310

Cookie Clicker Factory Achievements

Production chainPossess 1 factory.46
Industrial revolutionPossess 50 factories.47
Global warmingPossess 100 factories.48
Ultimate automationPossess 150 factories.116
TechnocracyPossess 200 factories.151
Rise of the machinesPossess 250 factories.212
Modern timesPossess 300 factories.252
Ex machinaPossess 350 factories.283
In full gearPossess 400 factories.343
In-cog-neatoHave 450 factories.356
Break the moldPossess 500 factories.402
Self-manmade manPossess 550 factories.478
The wheels of progressHave 600 factories.496
Replaced by robotsHave 650 factories.559
The incredible machineMake 10 quadrillion cookies just by factories.138
Yes I love technologyMake 100 sextillion cookies just by factories.193
Labor of loveMake 1 nonillion cookies just by factories.297
Patently geniusReach level 10 factories.311

Cookie Clicker Bank Achievements

Pretty pennyPossess 1 bank171
Fit the billPossess 50 banks172
A loan in the darkPossess 100 banks.173
Need for greedPossess 150 banks.174
It’s the economy, stupidPossess 200 banks.175
Acquire currencyPossess 250 banks.213
The nerve of warPossess 300 banks.253
And I need it nowPossess 350 banks.284
Treacle tart economicsPossess 400 banks.344
Save your breath because that’s all you’ve got leftPossess 450 banks.357
Get the show on, get paidPossess 500 banks.403
Checks outPossess 550 banks.479
That’s richPossess 600 banks.497
Financial prodigyPossess 650 banks.
“Imagine how it would be, to be at the top making cash money.”
Vested interestMake 100 quadrillion cookies just from banks.186
Paid in fullMake 1 septillion cookies just by banks.194
Reverse funnel systemMake 10 nonillion cookies just by banks.298
A capital ideaReach level 10 banks.312

Cookie Clicker Wizard Tower Achievements

Your time to shrinePossess 1 temple.176
Shady sectPossess 50 temples.177
New-age cultPossess 100 temples.178
Organized religionPossess 150 temples.179
FanaticismPossess 200 temples.180
ZealotryPossess 250 temples.214
WololoPossess 300 temples.254
Pray on the weakPossess 350 temples.285
Holy cookies, grandma!Possess 400 temples.345
Vengeful and almightyPossess 450 temples.358
My world’s on fire, how about yoursPossess 500 temples.404
Living on a prayerPossess 550 temples.480
Preaches and creamPossess 600 temples.498
And I will pray to a big godPossess 650 temples.561
New world orderMake 1 quintillion cookies just by temples.187
Church of cookiologyMake 10 septillion cookies just by temples.195
Thus spoke youMake 100 nonillion cookies from temples.299
It belongs in a bakeryReach level 10 temples.313
BewitchedPossess 1 wizard tower.181
The sorcerer’s apprenticePossess 50 wizard towers.182
Charms and enchantmentsPossess 100 wizard towers.183
Curses and maledictionsPossess 150 wizard towers.184
Magic KingdomPossess 200 wizard towers.185
The wizarding worldPossess 250 wizard towers.215
And now for my next trick, I’ll need a volunteer from the audiencePossess 300 wizard towers.255
It’s a kind of magicPossess 350 wizard towers.286
The PrestigePossess 400 wizard towers.
“(Unrelated to the Cookie Clicker feature of the same name.)”
Spell it out for youPossess 450 wizard towers.359
The meteor men beg to differPossess 500 wizard towers.405
Higitus figitus migitus mumPossess 550 wizard towers.481
Magic thinkingPossess 600 wizard towers.499
Shosple ColupisPossess 650 wizard towers.562
Hocus PocusMake 10 quintillion cookies just from wizard towers.188
Too many rabbits, not enough hatsMake 100 septillion cookies just from wizard towers.196
Manafest destinyMake 1 decillion cookies just from wizard towers.300
MotormouthReach level 10 wizard towers.314

Cookie Clicker Shipment Achievements

ExpeditionPossess 1 shipment.52
Galactic highwayPossess 50 shipments.53
Far far awayPossess 100 shipments.54
Type II civilizationPossess 150 shipments.118
We come in peacePossess 200 shipments.153
Parsec-masherPossess 250 shipments.216
It’s not deliveryPossess 300 shipments.256
Make it soPossess 350 shipments.287
That’s just peanuts to spacePossess 400 shipments.347
Space space space space spacePossess 450 shipments.
“It’s too far away…”
Only shooting starsPossess 500 shipments.406
The incredible journeyPossess 550 shipments.482
Is there life on Mars?Possess 600 shipments.
“Yes, there is. You’re currently using it as filling in experimental flavor prototype #810657.”
False vacuumPossess 650 shipments.563
And beyondMake 100 quintillion cookies just by shipments.139
The most precious cargoMake 1 octillion cookie just by shipments.197
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of nightMake 10 decillion cookies just by shipments.301
Been there done thatReach level 10 shipments.315

Cookie Clicker Alchemy Lab Achievements 

TransmutationPossess 1 alchemy lab.55
TransmogrificationPossess 50 alchemy labs.56
Gold MemberPossess 100 alchemy labs.57
Guild warsPossess 150 alchemy labs.119
The secrets of the universePossess 200 alchemy labs.154
The work of a lifetimePossess 250 alchemy labs.217
Gold, Jerry! Gold!Possess 300 alchemy labs.257
All that glitters is goldPossess 350 alchemy labs.288
Worth its weight in leadPossess 400 alchemy labs.348
Don’t get used to yourself, you’re gonna Possess to changePossess 450 alchemy labs.361
We could all use a little changePossess 500 alchemy labs.407
Just a phasePossess 550 alchemy labs.483
Bad chemistryPossess 600 alchemy labs.501
Metallic tastePossess 650 alchemy labs.564
Magnum OpusMake 1 sextillion cookies just from alchemy labs.140
The AureateMake 10 octillion cookies just from alchemy labs.198
I’ve got the Midas touchMake 100 decillion cookies just from alchemy labs.302
Phlogisticated substancesReach level 10 alchemy labs.316

Cookie Clicker Portal Achievements 

A whole new worldPossess 1 portal.58
Now you’re thinkingPossess 50 portals.59
Dimensional shiftPossess 100 portals.60
Brain-splitPossess 150 portals.120
Realm of the Mad GodPossess 200 portals.155
A place lost in timePossess 250 portals.218
Forbidden zonePossess 300 portals.258
2.0034-2.031 2.04+/2.048+ (Steam/Web) Here Comes, Here he comesPossess 350 portals.289
What happens in the vortex stays in the vortexPossess 400 portals.349
Objects in the mirror dimension are closer than they appearPossess 450 portals.362
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumbPossess 500 portals.408
Don’t let me leave, MurphPossess 550 portals.484
Reduced to gibbering heapsPossess 600 portals.502
Swiss cheesePossess 650 portals.565
With strange eonsMake 10 sextillion cookies just from portals.141
Ever more hideousMake 100 octillion cookies just from portals.199
Which eternal lieMake 1 undecillion cookie just from portals.303
Bizarro worldReach level 10 portals.317

Cookie Clicker Time Machine Achievements 

Time warpPossess 1-time machine.61
Alternate timelinePossess 50-time machines.62
Rewriting historyPossess 100-time machines.63
Time dukePossess 150-time machines.121
Forever and everPossess 200-time machines.156
Heat deathPossess 250-time machines.219
cookie clicker forever and forever a hundred years cookie clicker, all day long forever, forever a hundred times, over and over cookie clicker adventures dot comPossess 300-time machines.259
Way back thenPossess 350-time machines.290
Invited to yesterday’s partyPossess 400-time machines.350
Groundhog dayPossess 450-time machines.363
The years start comingPossess 500-time machines.409
Caveman to CosmosPossess 550-time machines.485
Back already?Possess 600-time machines.503
But the future refused to changePossess 650-time machines.566
Spacetime jigamarooMake 100 sextillion cookies just from time machines.142
Be kind, rewindMake 1 nonillion cookies just from time machines.200
Déjà vuMake 10 undecillion cookies just from time machines.304
The long nowReach level 10 time machines.318

Cookie Clicker Antimatter Condenser Achievements 

AntibatterPossess 1 antimatter condenser.87
Quirky quarksPossess 50 antimatter condensers.88
It does matter!Possess 100 antimatter condensers.89
Molecular maestroPossess 150 antimatter condensers.122
Walk the planckPossess 200 antimatter condensers.157
MicrocosmPossess 250 antimatter condensers.220
Scientists baffled everywherePossess 300 antimatter condensers.260
Exotic matterPossess 350 antimatter condensers.291
DownsizingPossess 400 antimatter condensers.351
A matter of perspectivePossess 450 antimatter condensers.364
What a conceptPossess 500 antimatter condensers.410
Particular tastesPossess 550 antimatter condensers.486
Nuclear thronePossess 600 antimatter condensers.504
What’s the dark matter with youPossess 650 antimatter condensers.567
SupermassiveMake 1 septillion cookies just from antimatter condensers.143
InfinitesimalMake 10 nonillion cookies just from antimatter condensers.201
Powers of tenMake 100 undecillion cookies just from antimatter condensers.305
Chubby hadronsReach level 10 antimatter condensers.319

Cookie Clicker Prism Achievements 

Lone photonPossess 1 prism.123
Dazzling glimmerPossess 50 prisms.124
Blinding flashPossess 100 prisms.125
Unending glowPossess 150 prisms.126
Rise and shinePossess 200 prisms.158
Bright futurePossess 250 prisms.221
Harmony of the spheresPossess 300 prisms.261
At the end of the tunnelPossess 350 prisms.292
My eyesPossess 400 prisms.352
Optical illusionPossess 450 prisms.365
You’ll never shine if you don’t glowPossess 500 prisms.411
A light snackPossess 550 prisms.487
Making light of the situationPossess 600 prisms.505
EnlightenmentPossess 650 prisms.568
Praise the sunMake 10 septillion cookies just from prisms.144
A still more glorious dawnMake 100 nonillion cookies just from prisms.202
Now the dark days are goneMake 1 duodecillion cookie just from prisms.306
PalettableReach level 10 prisms.320

Cookie Clicker Chancemaker Achievements 

Lucked outPossess 1 chancemaker.325
What are the oddsPossess 50 chancemakers.326
Grandma needs a new pair of shoesPossess 100 chancemakers.327
Million to one shot, docPossess 150 chancemakers.328
As luck would Possess itPossess 200 chancemakers.329
Ever in your favorPossess 250 chancemakers.330
Be a ladyPossess 300 chancemakers.331
Dicey businessPossess 350 chancemakers.332
Maybe a chance in hell, actuallyPossess 400 chancemakers.353
JackpotPossess 450 chancemakers.366
You’ll never know if you don’t goPossess 500 chancemakers.412
Tempting fatePossess 550 chancemakers.488
Flip a cookie. Chips, I win. Crust, you lose.Possess 600 chancemakers.506
Never tell me the oddsPossess 650 chancemakers.569
Fingers crossedMake 100 septillion cookies just from chancemakers.333
Just a statisticMake 1 decillion cookies just from chancemakers.334
Murphy’s wild guessMake 10 duodecillion cookies just by chancemakers.335
Let’s leaf it at thatReach level 10 chancemakers.336

Cookie Clicker Fractal Engine Achievements

Self-containedPossess 1 fractal engine.413
Threw you for a loopPossess 50 fractal engines.414
The sum of its partsPossess 100 fractal engines.415
Bears repeatingPossess 150 fractal engines.416
More of the samePossess 200 fractal engines.417
Last, recursePossess 250 fractal engines.418
Out of one, manyPossess 300 fractal engines.419
An example of recursionPossess 350 fractal engines.420
For more information on this achievement, please refer to its titlePossess 400 fractal engines.421
I’m so meta, even this achievementPossess 450 fractal engines.422
Never get boredPossess 500 fractal engines.423
TautologicalPossess 550 fractal engines.489
In and of itselfPossess 600 fractal engines.507
Blowing an Apollonian gasketPossess 650 fractal engines.570
The needs of the manyMake 1 octillion cookie just from fractal engines.424
Eating its ownMake 10 decillion cookies just from fractal engines.425
We must go deeperMake 100 duodecillion cookies just from fractal engines.426
Sierpinski rhomboidsReach level 10 fractal engines.427

Cookie Clicker Javascript Console Achievements

F12Possess 1 javascript console.433
Variable successPossess 50 javascript consoles.434
No commentsPossess 100 javascript consoles.435
Up to codePossess 150 javascript consoles.436
Works on my machinePossess 200 javascript consoles.437
Technical debtPossess 250 javascript consoles.438
Mind your languagePossess 300 javascript consoles.439
InconsolablePossess 350 javascript consoles.440
ClosurePossess 400 javascript consoles.441
Dude what if we’re all living in a simulation what if we’re all just coding on a computer somewherePossess 450 javascript consoles.442
Taking the back streetsPossess 500 javascript consoles.443
Curly bracesPossess 550 javascript consoles.
“Or as the French call them, mustache boxes.
Go well with quotes.”
Duck typingPossess 600 javascript consoles.
“Hello, this is a duck typing. Got any grapes?”
Get with the programPossess 650 javascript consoles.571
Inherited prototypeMake 10 octillion cookies just from javascript consoles.444
A model of the document objectMake 100 decillion cookies just from javascript consoles.445
First-class citizenMake 1 tredecillion cookie just from javascript consoles.446
AlexandriaReach level 10 javascript consoles.447

Cookie Clicker Idleverse Achievements

They’ll never know what hit ’emPossess 1 idleverse.509
Well-versedPossess 50 idleverses.510
Ripe for the pickingPossess 100 idleverses.511
UnrealPossess 150 idleverses.512
Once you’ve seen onePossess 200 idleverses.513
Spoils and plunderPossess 250 idleverses.514
Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywherePossess 300 idleverses.
“Come watch TV?”
Hyperspace expresswayPossess 350 idleverses.516
VersatilePossess 400 idleverses.517
You are inevitablePossess 450 idleverses.518
Away from this placePossess 500 idleverses.519
Everywhere at oncePossess 550 idleverses.520
Reject reality, substitute your ownPossess 600 idleverses.521
Lost your cosmic marblesPossess 650 idleverses.572
FringeMake 100 octillion cookies just from idleverses.522
CoherenceMake 1 undecillion cookie just from idleverses.523
Earth-616Make 10 tredecillion cookies just from idleverses.524
Strange topologiesReach level 10 idleverses.525

Cookie Clicker Cortex Baker Achievements

It’s big brain timePossess 1 cortex baker.539
Just my imaginationPossess 50 cortex bakers.540
Now there’s an ideaPossess 100 cortex bakers.541
The organ that named itselfPossess 150 cortex bakers.542
GyrificationPossess 200 cortex bakers.543
A trademarked portmanteau of “imagination” and “engineering”Possess 250 cortex bakers.544
MindfulnessPossess 300 cortex bakers.545
The 10% mythPossess 350 cortex bakers.546
Don’t think about it too hardPossess 400 cortex bakers.547
Though fools seldom differPossess 450 cortex bakers.548
Looking kind of dumbPossess 500 cortex bakers.549
A beautiful mindPossess 550 cortex bakers.550
Cardinal synapsesPossess 600 cortex bakers.551
By will alone, I set my mind in motionPossess 650 cortex bakers.573
Positive thinkingMake 1 nonillion cookies just from cortex bakers.552
The thought that countsMake 10 undecillion cookies just from cortex bakers.553
UnthinkableMake 100 tredecillion cookies just from cortex bakers.554
GiftedReach level 10 cortex bakers.555

Cookie Clicker Building-Up Achievements 

BuilderOwn 100 buildings72
ArchitectOwn 500 buildings.73
EngineerOwn 1,000 buildings.83
Lord of ConstructsOwn 2,500 buildings.
“He saw the vast plains stretching ahead of him, and he said: let there be civilization.”
Grand designOwn 5,000 buildings.
“They’ll remember you forever!”
EcumenopolisOwn 7,500 buildings.
“Getting a wee bit cramped.”
MyriadOwn 10,000 buildings.
“At this point, most of your assets lie in real estate.”
EnhancerPurchase 20 upgrades.74
AugmenterPurchase 50 upgrades.75
UpgraderPurchase 100 upgrades.90
Lord of ProgressPurchase 200 upgrades.
“One can always do better. But should you?”
The full picturePurchase 300 upgrades.
“So that’s where that fits in!”
When there’s nothing left to addPurchase 400 upgrades.
“…keep going.”
KaizenPurchase 500 upgrades.
“Just a little more.”
Beyond qualityPurchase 600 upgrades.
“Dwarfing all of mankind’s accomplishments.”
All the stars in heavenOwn 100 heavenly upgrades.588
PolymathOwn 300 upgrades and 4,000 buildings.
“Excellence doesn’t happen overnight – it usually takes a good couple of days.”
Renaissance bakerOwn 400 upgrades and 8,000 buildings.
“If you Possess seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants – a mysterious species of towering humanoids until now thought long-extinct.”
One with everythingPossess at least 1 of every building.64
MathematicianPossess at least 1 of the most expensive building, 2 of the second-most expensive, 4 of the next, and so on (capped at 128).65
Base 10Possess at least 10 of the most expensive building, 20 of the second-most expensive, 30 of the next, and so on.66
CentennialPossess at least 100 of everything.91
Centennial and a halfPossess at least 150 of everything.131
BicentennialPossess at least 200 of everything.
“You crazy person.”
Bicentennial and a halfPossess at least 250 of everything.
“Keep on truckin’.”
TricentennialPossess at least 300 of everything.
“Can’t stop, won’t stop. Probably should stop, though.”
Tricentennial and a halfPossess at least 350 of everything.
“(it’s free real estate)”
QuadricentennialPossess at least 400 of everything.
“You’ve had to do horrible things to get this far.
Horrible… horrible things.”
Quadricentennial and a halfPossess at least 450 of everything.
“At this point, you might just be compensating for something.”
QuincentennialPossess at least 500 of everything.
“Some people would say you’re halfway there.
We do not care for those people and their reckless sense of unchecked optimism.”
Quincentennial and a halfPossess at least 550 of everything.
“This won’t fill the churning void inside, you know.”
SexcentennialPossess at least 600 of everything.
“Hey, a nice milestone!”
Sexcentennial and a halfPossess at least 650 of everything.
“Hope you’re enjoying the grind so far! It gets worse.”

Cookie Clicker Golden Cookie Achievements

Golden cookieClick a golden cookie.67
Lucky cookieClick 7 golden cookies.68
A stroke of luckClick 27 golden cookies.69
FortuneClick 77 golden cookies.
“You should really go to bed.”
LeprechaunClick 777 golden cookies.84
Black cat’s pawClick 7777 golden cookies.85
Early birdClick a Golden Cookie less than 1 second after it spawns.263
Fading luckClick a Golden Cookie less than 1 second before it dies.264

Cookie Clicker Miscellaneous Achievements  

Thick-skinnedPossess your reinforced membrane to protect the shimmering veil.432
JelliclesOwn 10 kitten upgrades
“Jellicles can and Jellicle do! Make sure to wash your Jellicle every day!”
Cookie-dunker Dunk the cookie.
“You did it!”
Tiny cookie Click the tiny cookie.
“These aren’t the cookies you’re clicking for.”
What’s in a nameGive your bakery a name.170
Here you goClick this achievement slot.
“All you had to do was ask.”
Tabloid addictionClick on the news ticker 50 times.
“Page 6: Mad individual clicks on a picture of pastry in a futile attempt to escape boredom!
Also, page 6: British parliament ate my baby!”
Stifling the press Squish the news ticker flat, then click on it.
“Narrow in here or is it just me?”
Olden daysFind the forgotten madeleine.
“DashNet Farms remembers.”
Never clickMake 1 million cookies by only having clicked 15 times.29
Uncanny clickerClick really, really fast.
“Well, I’ll be!”

Cookie Clicker Grandmapocalypse Achievements 

Elder napAppease the grandmatriarchs at least once.
Elder slumberAppease the grandmatriarchs at least 5 times.
“our mind
the universe”
Elder calmDeclare a covenant with the grandmatriarchs.
ItchscratcherBurst 1 wrinkler.105
Wrinklesquisher Burst 50 wrinklers.106
Moistburster Burst 200 wrinklers.107

Cookie Clicker Sugar Lump Achievements

Dude, sweetHarvest 7 coalescing sugar lumps.266
Sugar rushHarvest 30 coalescing sugar lumps.267
Year’s worth of cavitiesHarvest 365 coalescing sugar lumps.
“My lumps my lumps my lumps.”
Hand-pickedSuccessfully harvest a coalescing sugar lump before it’s ripe.269
Sugar sugarHarvest a bifurcated sugar lump.270
SweetmeatsHarvest a meaty sugar lump.272
Maillard reactionHarvest a caramelized sugar lump.396

Cookie Clicker Season Achievements

Spooky cookies Unlock every Halloween-themed cookie. Owning this achievement makes Halloween-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs.108
Coming to townReach Santa’s 7th form.109
All hail SantaReach Santa’s final form.110
Let it snow Unlock every Christmas-themed cookie. Owning this achievement makes Christmas-themed cookies drop more frequently in future playthroughs.111
Oh deerPop 1 reindeer.112
Sleigh of hand Pop 50 reindeer.113
Reindeer sleigher Pop 200 reindeer.114
EldeerPop a reindeer during an elder frenzy.265
Baby, it’s old outsideClick one of Santa’s helper grandmas during the Christmas season.580
Lovely cookies Unlock every Valentine-themed cookie.130
The hunt is onUnlock 1 egg.166
Egging onUnlock 7 eggs.167
Mass EasteriaUnlock 14 eggs.168
Hide & seek championUnlock all the eggs. Owning this achievement makes eggs drop more frequently in future playthroughs.169

Cookie Clicker Ascension Achievements 

Here be dragonComplete your dragon’s training.222
RebirthAscend at least once.203
Resurrection Ascend 10 times.205
Reincarnation Ascend 100 times.206
SacrificeAscend with 1 million cookies baked.
“Easy come, easy go.”
OblivionAscend with 1 billion cookies baked.
“Back to square one.”
From scratchAscend with 1 trillion cookies baked.
“It’s been fun.”
NihilismAscend with 1 quadrillion cookies baked.
“There are many things
that need to be erased”
DematerializeAscend with 1 quintillion cookies baked.
…where’d the cookies go?”
Nil zero zilchAscend with 1 sextillion cookies baked.
“To summarize: really not very much at all.”
TranscendenceAscend with 1 septillion cookies baked.
“Your cookies are now on a higher plane of being.”
ObliterateAscend with 1 octillion cookies baked.
“Resistance is futile, albeit entertaining.”
Negative voidAscend with 1 nonillion cookies baked.
“You now Possess so few cookies that it’s almost like you Possess a negative amount of them.”
To crumbs, you say?Ascend with 1 decillion cookies baked.
“Very well then.”
You get nothingAscend with 1 undecillion cookies baked.
“Good day sir!”
Humble rebeginningsAscend with 1 duodecillion cookie baked.
“Started from the bottom, now we’re here.”
The end of the worldAscend with 1 tredecillion cookie baked.
“(as we know it)”
Oh, you’re backAscend with 1 quattuordecillion cookie baked.
“Missed us?”
LazarusAscend with 1 quindecillion cookie baked.
“All rise.”
Smurf accountAscend with 1 sexdecillion cookies baked.
“It’s like you just appeared out of the blue!”
If at first, you don’t succeedAscend with 1 septendecillion cookies baked.
“If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.
But isn’t that the definition of insanity?”

Cookie Clicker Milestone Achievements

HardcoreGet to 1 billion cookies baked with no upgrades purchased.92
WholesomeUnlock 100% of your heavenly chips’ power.103
O FortunaOwn every fortune upgrade. Owning this achievement makes fortunes appear twice as often; unlocked fortune upgrades also Possess a 40% chance to carry over after ascending.456
Bibbidi-bobbidi-booCast 9 spells.321
I’m the wizCast 99 spells.322
A wizard is youCast 999 spells.
“I’m a what?”
Botany enthusiastHarvest 100 mature garden plants.378
Green, aching thumbHarvest 1000 mature garden plants.379
In the garden of Eden (baby)Fill every tile of the biggest garden plot with plants.
“Isn’t tending to those precious little plants just so rock and/or roll?”
Keeper of the conservatoryUnlock every garden seed.381
Seedless to nayConvert a complete seed log into sugar lumps by sacrificing your garden to the sugar hornets. Owning this achievement makes seeds 5% cheaper, plants mature 5% sooner, and plant upgrades drop 5% more.382
Initial public offeringMake your first stock market profit.457
Rookie numbersOwn at least 100 of every stock market stock.
“Gotta pump those numbers up!”
No nobility in povertyOwn at least 500 of every market stock.
“What kind of individual is out there cramming camels through needle holes anyway?”
Full warehousesOwn at least 1,000 of a stock market stock.460
Make my dayMake a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market sale.461
Buy buy buySpend a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market purchase.462
Pyramid schemeUnlock the highest-tier stock market headquarters.464
Liquid assets Possess your stock market profits surpassing $10 million.537
You win a cookieThis is for baking 100 trillion cookies and making it on the local news.
“We’re all so proud of you.”

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievements

Achieving a Shadow Achievement takes more time and effort than achieving a Regular Achievement since they are “either unjust or difficult to acquire.” The next 16 milestones don’t affect your Milk percentage and won’t appear on the stats screen until you’ve earned them.

Four-leaf cookiePossess 4 golden cookies simultaneously.
“Fairly rare, considering cookies don’t even Possess leaves.”
Seven horseshoesClick 27,777 golden cookies.
“Enough for one of those funky horses that graze near your factories.”
All-natural cane sugarHarvest a golden sugar lump.271
Endless cycleAscend 1,000 times.
“Oh hey, it’s you again.”
Cheated cookies taste awfulHack in some cookies.70
God complex Name yourself Orteil.
Note: usurpers incur a -1% CpS penalty until they rename themselves something else.
“But that’s not you, is it?”
Third-partyUse an add-on.
“Some find vanilla to be the most boring flavor.”
When the cookies ascend just right [note 13]Ascend with exactly 1 trillion cookies.397
Speed baking IGet to 1 million cookies baked in 35 minutes.93
Speed baking II Get to 1 million cookies baked in 25 minutes.94
Speed baking III Get to 1 million cookies baked in 15 minutes.95
True Neverclick Make 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks.
“This kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it?”
Just plain lucky You Possess 1 chance in 1 million every second of earning this achievement.104
Last Chance to SeeBurst the near-extinct shiny wrinkler.
“You monster!”
So much to do so much to see Manage a cookie legacy for at least a year.
“Thank you so much for playing Cookie Clicker!”
Gaseous assets Possess your stock market profits exceeding a whole year of CpS ($31,536,000).463