How To Fix Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Crashing on PC

Nobody likes crashing especially in a newly released games.

Soon after the release, many players complained about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion crashing issues on PC. Well the random mid-game crashing issues in FF7 are not new, Even in its sequels players were stuck with the crashing problems.

While players wait for the latest game patch that specifically addresses this problem. In this article, we have explained how you can easily fix Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Crashing on PC.

Solution To fix Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Crashing on PC

Using the solutions mentioned below has resolved Final Fantasy 7 crashing for many users. You can also apply the relevant fix in your case.

  1. Check System Requirements: Check your system hardware and compare whether it is sufficient to handle this game’s graphics.
  2. Verify Game Files: If you have bought FF7 from Steam then check in the properties (right click), then Local Files > Verify the integrity of game files.
  3. Update your GPU Drivers: Make sure to fully uninstall old graphics card drivers before installing new ones. Or you can use Driver Easy and let it manage this task automatically.
  4. Delete App data using the %appdata% command in the run dialogue box.
  5. Delete the saved game files and replay the whole level.
  6. Reinstall FFVII Reunion: Crisis Install setup in your data driver instead of C://
  7. Change in-game graphics settings: Turn the texture resolution to LOW
  8. Add an exception to your anti-virus
  9. Disable fullscreen optimizations
  10. Switch to a dedicated GPU: If you have an integrated and dedicated GPU then disable the integrated GPU so that game can utilize your dedicated
  11. Run the game as an administrator
  12. Update DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable
  13. Perform a Clean Boot: It will help you determine which process is causing the crashing in the game.
  14. Do not overclock your CPU or GPU
  15. Wait for the latest game patch to fix this particular issue