How To Fix Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII- Reunion Crashing or Not Loading on PS4/PS5

Usually, it's the software issue that causes crashing issues.

If you are a PS4 or PS5 user and recently installed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion then you should be wary of its crashing issues. As a lot more users gave positive reviews about this game on the other hand some are complaining about Crisis Core Reunion crashing and not loading issues.

While playing crisis core on PS5 the game crashes without showing any error message. Sometimes it won’t load on your console.

So after so many complaints we have researched the matter and come up with the best fixes to resolve this issue.

Solution To Fix Crisis Core Reunion Crashing on PS4/ PS5

Here are the fixes that we have found after thorough research on different resources. These fixes have helped most users so you can also give it a try.

  1. Check the game status: Is it fully installed for that press the Options button > Information > Download Status.
  2. Checking system/game updates: First check if the system firmware is updated. Check what the latest version Sony has released. Now go to PS Settings > System Software Update > Check for the latest update and install it.
  3. Clear PS4/PS5 Cache Data: Switch off and unplug power cables for 2 to 3 minutes then plug them back.
  4. Clean the game disk: It may be the Crisis Core Reunion game disk scratches that are causing the crashing. Make sure that you clean the disk.
  5. Use Performance Mode: If the Crisis Core Reunion Crashing persists then enable performance mode in PS5. For that from the PS5 Home screen > Select Settings > Select Save Data > Game/App Settings > Game Presets. Make sure Performance Mode is selected.
  6. Deleting all saved data: Corrupted saved game data can cause Crisis Core Reunion to crash on PS4/PS5. So go to Settings > Storage > Saved Data > Crisis Core Reunion. Press the Options button on the controller and delete the selected game-saved files. Now Reboot the PS5 console.
  7. Try running the games from an external hard drive: It may be your internal hard drive that is faulty so try playing Crisis Core Reunion from the external hard drive.
  8. Resetting the PS5 back to factory defaults: You can also Initialize your PS4/PS5 by choosing the Full option.
  9. Rebuilding database: Random crashing or not loading issues on PS5 can be linked with the corrupted data so rebuilding the database is a wise choice. Press the Power button till you hear the second beep. Your console will boot up in Safe Mode. Here using the controller press the PS Button. Select Rebuild Database and confirm the task.
  10. Deleting/reinstalling the game: Sometimes certain game files are missing or corrupted so reinstalling that game can do the trick.
  11. Disabling HDMI Device: You can also try this on as it has helped many users on different forums.
  12. Submit a ticket to Sony Support: If nothing happens and you keep dealing with Crisis Core Reunion crashing and not loading problems then contact on Sony support page.