How To Fix Crisis Core Reunion Stuck on Loading screen on PC

I hate infinite loading screens so here is the solution.

Another problem that users are facing is the Crisis Core Reunion stuck on loading screen issue on PC. whenever users hit start game I get stuck in an infinite loading screen.

Sometimes you may hear cut-scene playing in the background (audio only) at other times it’s just a simple dead black screen.

In this article, we have explained what you need to do when you face Crisis Core Reunion stuck on the loading screen on a PC

How to Fix Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Stuck on the loading screen

Apply the below solutions as they have already helped most players.

Check system requirements: Make sure you have sufficient data storage on your PC. If possible upgrade to SSD or NvMe.

  • Make changes in the configuration file: Open the config file found under documents/my games/Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. It’s labeled FFXIV.cfg. Open up in Notepad and change the value of CutsceneMovieOpening to 1, rather than 0. Save, restart the game and you should be good.
  • Lower graphics settings: Make sure graphics settings are either medium or lower. Sometimes initial loading is slowed down due to its high graphics, resulting in players being stuck on the loading screen.
  • Set High CPU Priority Via Task Manager: This way your system will reserve more resources for the game to utilize making fewer chances to face stuck loading errors.
  • Check your antivirus software: Make an exception for this game as most antivirus software considers games potential threats thus raising a false alarm.
  • Verify the integrity of game files: Try checking whether the game files are corrupted or not. Then delete the steam cache from the steam game property page.
  • Updated graphics Driver along with all other programs on your Windows PC. You can also choose to download Driver Easy which does the same job more efficiently but automatically.
  • Unplug external Storage devices or other accessories: Try unplugging external storage devices from your device. (e.c USB Drives, External HDD/SSD)
  • Disconnect WiFi and unplug cable: Do this and then again turn it back on and also change the data center.
  • Close unnecessary programs: Other unwanted processes may consume high CPU or RAM, so make sure you have closed all of these programs.
  • Use dedicated graphics card: If you are using the onboard intel graphics then disable it via Device Manager and force the dedicated GPU to activate.
  • Wait for the next game patch: If the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Stuck on the loading screen still persists then wait for the developer at Square Enix to release a new patch.