Dark and Darker: How to defeat different Types of Monsters (Boss Fight Guide)

All the bosses and enemies that you will face in this game.

As you have to pass through different areas and locations in Dark and Darker. You will face different kinds of enemies/Bosses apart from the online players which you have to defeat. The difficulty of monsters and bosses depends on the higher level you go. And you can also face the elite version of the enemies.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can defeat monsters & bosses in Dark and Darker.

Types of Monsters, Enemies, and Boss in Dark and Darker

There are five variations of the crypt where you will face the enemies. You have to defeat them or kill them but some of them you can also avoid.

  • Death Skulls
  • Mummies
  • Zombies
  • Skeletons

And if you go to higher levels then there will be an elite version of each enemy. You will face enemies that are faster stronger and heavier.

  • Dragonflies (Vampire Mosquitoes)
  • Spider mummies
  • Death skulls Higher Variants

Dragon Flies and Vampire Mosquitos

These are the easy ones to kill but when they are assisted by the standard monsters. They can swarm around you and create a disturbance.

  • Dragonfly attacks make the players bleed faster.
  • Spider Mummies spawn in numbers like they won’t stop spawning until you destroy the jar.
  • Vampire mosquitoes have a skull that lightens the green light. They have a medium range of attack and when they attack their eyes will glow yellow.

The Death Swarm

The death Swarm is like the insects which will come into zones. These are the reason you will take the damage in the zone.

Dark and Darker Wraith Enemies

The wraith is one of the stronger enemies. You can solo defeat him but try to avoid the wraith. If you do encounter him then try to fight the squad. You can say that this type of mini-boss can destroy the doors. Wraith Enemies have hit attacks causing more damage and they can also slow dash.

Skeletons Enemies

Skelton will spawn in groups of multiple numbers equipped with shields and crossbows. They will spawn from the Bone Pile. The crossbow skeleton in Dark and Darker will use a single bow attack and then a combo attack.

Skeletons Enemies in Dark and Darker

Then comes the Magic skeletons who use fireballs and Shield bubbles as an attack. The skeleton with the shield and armor will move fast and hit harder than the normal ones and spawn rarely. There is a chest that you can loot from the tower but for that, you need a golden key to open which you will get from the shielded skeleton which guards the tower door.

Mummies and Zombies

Mummies and Zombies are the slowest ones. Their spawn is not visible because they will spawn from the ground. Zombies will use poison clouds to attack. Move toward the opposite direction of the clouds to save yourself.

Hologram Whales

These are not like enemies and you can’t fight them they just appear in the air. You will be able to find them in the Dark Place.

Monster Dog and Dracula

Monster dogs are fast and give more damage when they bite. You can kill them in usually three hits. Draculas are the hard ones because they can disappear in dark. They give more damage than the usual enemies. They can fly and when they hit you will throw you away.

The Lich Boss

You will see this boss with the 6 skeletons and three archers and they will attack you with the boss. The boss will use dark orbs to attack and then shoots pink orbs. Then he will create a blue circle that will surround you.

The Lich Boss fight in Dark and Darker

You will also face the Lava king boss, Centaur, and Death beetle in the game.

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