Dark and Darker: How to Find Ruby Silver Ore (Mining Guide)

Here is how you can efficiently utilize the mining system to acquire Ores.

Ruby Silver Ores in Dark and Darker is a premium item that you can mine in certain locations. As this game has a mining system so you can acquire Ore and make useful things out of it.

Ruby Silver Ores is a red-colored stone that you can mine using the pickaxe. You can also trade Ruby Silver Ore with merchants to make a lot of Gold. Or Simply sell Ore in the market to other players.

In this guide, we will explain how to find Ruby Silver Ore in Dark and Darker. How you can mine and where is its location?

How to Get Ore in Dark and Darker

You cannot mine Ruby Silver Ore without Pickaxe. It is a utility-type item. There are Weaponsmiths in the game buy a Pickaxe that will cost you 25 Gold Coins. now equip it on the utility slot.

Ruby Silver Ore Locations in Dark and Darker

There are four maps in the Dark and Darker. Two parts each for in Crypt and Inferno map. You can mine two Ruby Silver Ores per map and if you are lucky you will mine six Ruby Silver Ores.

The inferno map has more ores than the other map. One thing that you need to know is that Ruby Silver Ore will be spawned in normal queue matches.

You won’t be able to find Ores in higher-level dungeons due to their darker area. These ores usually spawn in hidden places i.e. pots and pillars in the darker area.

You can also find the ore after crossing the boss area location. Make sure to use the light to see the ore. When you see Ore use the default key F to dig up Ore using a pickaxe.

Ruby Silver Ore Locations in Dark and Darker

How to Trade Ruby Silver Ore in Dark and Darker

Once you acquire enough Silver Ore you can sell it in the market. For that, you need to unlock trading options to become a trader.

This will require a minimum Level 5 and 25 Gold. Each Trade will cost you 15 Gold.

How to Trade Ruby Silver Ore in Dark and Darker

You can sell one Ruby Silver Ore from 30 to 50 gold each. If you want to sell it fast it will give you 20 Gold each. You can combine ores to make ingots and also red powder.

How to Get the Ruby Ingot Bars and Pink Armor

After getting Ore go to the Weaponsmith merchant and select to craft Ruby Silver ingots which will cost you 10 Ruby Silver Ore.

Then you can go to the Armourer Merchant to craft the Armour. Such armor is suitable for Fighter, Cleric, and Barbarian.

You can check the cost of each armor there.

How to Get the Ruby Ingot Bars and Pink Armor

This is how you can mine Ruby Silver Ore. We hope this guide will help you.

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