Dark and Darker: How to Get More Gold Fast

Get more and more gold.

In Dark and Darker Gold is an important resource. You need gold to buy weapons, and items from NPCs, or while trading with merchants. You can find gold in the darkest places in Dark and Darker.

Mainly you will find gold by fighting bosses or looting chests. So you need to choose a class that has the hiding ability like Rouge. You can also choose any class but you need an invisibility potion to hide.

In this guide, we will explain how to get more gold in the Dark and Darker.  

How To Find Gold Fast in Dark and Darker

You have to face these bosses but to get gold you can avoid the fight (for now).

Go To The Red Gate to Reach Boss’ Location

Sart survival matches and enter Red Portal. You will face enemies but don’t fight them instead run toward the boss room.

The only hurdle reaching the Boss room is the mini Leach boss who summons skeletons around him. There are chances that you will find Gold by defeating him.

Once you enter the boss room use the invisibility potion to hide from him.

After using the invisibility ability they won’t be able to detect you.

Find Gold from The Chest at Boss Locations

At the boss location, you will see a chest to the left side. You will require a lock pick able to open the chest and take the loot. You can loot the chest to get the materials but you need to get the gold which you will by the sides of the chest.

Get Infinite Gold Treasures Bedside the Chest

gold treasure

The side of the chest contains a lot of gold. You can say that it’s infinite gold. Because whenever you look for gold you will find multiple gold treasures every time. So keep looking and fill your inventory with gold.

You will also get the wearables items like pendants and diamonds. You will also get some worthless items so be careful when you select the items for the inventory. When you select an item it will tell you its rarity and importance. So try to select the higher ones.

Die and You Lose All Gold

Now you need to get out of here harmless. So don’t fight because if you die you will lose all of your gold. You can get 500 to 700 Gold per run.

Try to select the gear which will make more space to carry the gold. After getting the gold sell it to the merchants to get goods.

How to Trade Gold in Dark and Darker

You need to unlock the Trade option and become a Trader in Dark and Darker. You need 25 Gold coins once you have them open trade options to become a trader.

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