Dark and Darker: How to Organize the Fighter Class and Best Skills & Perks

The Fighter is a jack of all trades so here are all the perks and skills to use.

Looking for the best class in the Dark and Darker or do you want to know the perks and skills of a fighter class in Dark and Darker? Here is a complete guide.

Before you start a match you need to select the class according to your needs. There are different classes i.e. fighter class that have their own play style, perks, skills, and stats.

In this Dark and Darker fighter class guide, we have explained the perks and skills for beginners.

Best Fighter Class Options in Dark and Darker

In this game, fighters belonging to B-Tier class have the agility and strength to cause more damage. The fighter class can equip most weapons and armor and have perks like Swift, Combo Attack, Counterattack, and Dual Wield. The only drawback is that they cannot cast spells.

At level 15 you will be able to choose four out of seven perks to help improve your character. The fighter class weapons really hit hard but at the cost of slowing your character.

So you need to make sure when selecting your passive skills. Just use the default selection of the defense expert this grants you a 10 percent extra bonus to all the equipped armor further increasing your survival ability.

Fighter Class Perk in Dark and Darker

In total there are four types of perks that you can use depending on your level. Thes are

  1. Swift
  2. Combo Attack
  3. Counterattack
  4. Dual Wield

Fighter Class Perk 1- Swift

Equip the skill called Swift which will increase the speed of the debuffs of armor by 30%. But you can still consider this effective against the enemies.

Fighter Class Perk 2 – Combo Attack

The next perk to equip is the Combo attack that works well with Swords or fast weapons. 

Fighter Class Perk 3 – Counter Attack

The last perk to use is the counterattack that increases movement speed and attack speed for 3 secs after a successful block. This skill is effective during the rushing situation while quipping the shield or archer.

Best Skills for Fighter Class in Dark and Darker

If you go to the skills tab you can choose active skills out of six depending on your level.

Best Skills for Fighter Class in Dark and Darker
  • Adrenaline Rush: Increases attack speed by 25% for 6s. Afterward, attack and movement speed were reduced for 6s.
  • Second Wind: Recovers 50% of HP over 12s. Eliminates side effects of Adrenaline Rush.
  • Sprint: Movement speed greatly increased for a short duration. Move speed is now increased by 50%.
  • Taunt: Increases the aggro value to all monsters within a 7.5m area by 50% and increases the defense bonus by 10% for 7s.
  • Victory Strike: The next attack deals additional 20% weapon damage. If you kill with this attack, recover 5% of max HP.
  • Breakthrough: Removes debuffs that slow all movement speeds.
victory strike of Fighter Class in Dark and Darker
Victory Strike

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