Dark and Darker – How to play Solo Wizard Guide

Summon powerful magic balls to defeat your foe.

Dark and Darker is an FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure game. Here online players assemble a team of three players and fight the opponents. There are different classes having different characteristics, abilities, and strengths.

One such class in the Dark and Darker is the Wizard class having an S Tier. The strengths of playing Wizard are casting powerful spells, meditating to self-refresh spells, and wielding magical weapons. However, the Wizard build class also suffers from Slow interaction speed, Low physical damage, and Low Health.

In this guide, we will explain how to play solo wizard class in Dark and darker and what are the Wizard’s best perks and skills to use.

Gear Requirement for Wizard Class

Gear Requirement for Wizard Class

Every class has its own gears that you can upgrade and change the look of your character. But when it comes to magic you can take advantage by removing your gear. The magic build needs time and quickness to react because the enemy attack will come faster than the magic.

If you have removed your armor you can run faster than the other players which will make you untouchable. But you must have a strong magic build which will cast the spell faster and it will give more damage to the opponents. Like the magic missile which will shoot multiple balls instantly.

Best Perks for Wizard Class in Dark and Darker

For every class be it fighter, Rouge, or wizard you can equip one perk every 5 levels. Currently, the game has a total of 20 levels which means you can select a total of 4 perks at the max level.

There are nine possible perks for the Wizard class out of which you can choose 4 perks. These nine Wizard class perks are:

Best Perks for Wizard Class in Dark and Darker
Arcane Feedback+1% per stack in cast speed and base magic damage when arcane spells damage, stacks up to 5 times
Arcane Mastery+5% magic damage from arcane spells, -1s reduction in cast time
Fire Mastery+5% magic damage from fire spells, + burn status by 2.5s
Ice Shield+20 armor rating, applies Frostbite on melee attack of a target for 0.5s
Mana Surge+5% magic damage bonus
Melt-10% target’s physical reduction damage bonus for 5s from fire damage
Quick Chant+20% spell-casting speed
Reactive ShieldCast arcane shield for 3s
Sage+10% knowledge

So for the best dark and darker wizard build, you need to have a Quick Chant in the perk which will increase your spell-casting speed to 20 percent. You also need to equip both Arcane Mastery and Arcane Feedback. These will increase your magic damage to 5 percent.

But the most important part is the Reactive Shield which gives you 10 damage-absorbing power.

If you combine it with the blue potion (Potion of Protection) it will increase block damage by 15 which will stay for 24 seconds.

This Wizard builds for solo guide will help you fight with multiple enemies. These solo wizard build will give you both power and quickness at the same time. You will also be able to take no damage while dodging the attacks.

Best Strategy for Wizard Class Build in Dark and Darker

Use drinks blue magic pots and then uses Haste to give an Invisible buff. After doing this go behind enemies and sneak them to kill them. With this Wizard build, you can disappear but can’t run in an invisible situation because if you do the enemies will hear your footsteps.

Best Strategy for Wizard Class Build in Dark and Darker

Best Wizard Skills To Use in Dark and Darker

MeditationSit on the ground and revive spells at a rate of 40 spell costs over 10s.
Spell Memory 2Allows additional spells to be memorized
Intense FocusReduce the casting time of the next spell to 0.1s.
Spell MemoryMemorize spells so you can cast magic.

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