Dark and Darker: How to Use Ranger Class (Perks & Abilities)

Choose the Ranger class to survive intense fights.

Ranger class in the Dark and Darker has a bow to attack from distance. The ability includes tracking enemy players, setting traps, and starting a campfire. The Ranger has A tier class. However, they don’t have melee weapons.

The Dark and Darker has a class system where you have to choose different classes according to your liking and playstyle. Each class (Fighters, Rouge, Wizard) has its own spell, perk, and skill. You can also upgrade them and showcase them in the match.

In this guide, we will explain how to use the ranger class in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Ranger Perks

So each class has its perks but you can only equip one perk every 5 levels. There are nine possible perks for the Ranger class but you can only equip 4 at max level.

Crossbow Mastery+50% reload speed and +50% movement speed using crossbows
Enhanced HearingHear enemy footsteps
Kinesthesia+10% movement speed with bowstring pulled
Nimble Hands+15% shooting animation with bow
Ranged Weapons Expert+5% physical attack power with a ranged weapon
Sharpshooter+15% headshot damage with a ranged weapon
Spear ProficiencyAllows equip of spear and +10 physical strength
TrackingAllows tracking of enemies
Trap ExpertSet traps faster

Dark and Darker Ranger Skills

Field Ration+25 HP
MultishotFire 5 arrows simultaneously with bows
Quick Fire+50% attack speed for 5 seconds when using bows
QuickshotRapid fire three arrows
True ShotIncreases projectile speed

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