Dark and Darker: How to use Spell System

Dark and Darker has introduced a new spell system that requires you to equip the spell memory in order to use the spell. Each spell has its own cost and the spell also has a cost limit. Each spell has its own properties that you can choose by your play style. The spell has two wheels in which you can equip different spells.

In this guide, we will discuss how the spell system works in Dark and Darker.

What is Spell Wheel

The spell system has a quick access spell wheel where you can choose up to two spell memories at a time. This allows the players to select the spells of their choice. You will see a spell wheel in the spell option where you can select five spells for each side. The circular part is for spells and the bottom one is for skill level.

What is Spell Session in Dark and Darker

To use the spell you need to use the spell memory in the perks otherwise the spell session will become red although you can still choose which spell you want to use. This option is for just modifying your spell not for actual use until you equip the spell memory. In case you forget you will be given a reminder by the red line. But when you equip it this will glow. 

What is Spell Session

How the Spell Works in Dark and Darker

If you have equipped cleric and wizard class both have 12 knowledge which represents the spell memory capacity. So if you go to the bottom of the spell each has a cost. By default, the cost limit is set to 12 but you can increase it by increasing your knowledge. Spells also depend on the tier. If you check the right side of the spell you can see the cost of each spell that you are going to equip.

Cost also depends on the spell Tier. For example, if you equip the tier one spell it will cost you one and if you equip the tier 5 spell it will cost you 5. When you will equip enough spells you will see you reach the end limit.

spell memory priority

If you add another spell after the limit it will allow you to add but it won’t be useful because of the limit. So this is a good thing that it won’t have a negative effect when you reach your cost limit. This will also help you when you increase your knowledge you don’t need to go back and equip the spell again it will automatically activate.

Second Spell Wheel

If you are wondering about the second spell wheel. You need to equip the two spell memories in the perks option in order to utilize the second spell wheel. This will allow you to equip multiple spells at the same time. You can use the second spell by pressing the Q button in the match.

One thing to note is that equipping second spell memory won’t increase your cost limit. You will just have the option to manage the spell wheel but if you want to increase the cost limit you need to increase the knowledge of each class.

spell wheel

Wizard Spells

  1. Ice Bolt Spell: This spell will increase the deal damage and slow the opponent by 15 percent for 1 sec.
  2. Magic Missile Spell: This will allow you to shoot multiple magic purple-pink balls.
  3. Ignite Spell: Set the target weapon on fire and give the deal damage of an extra 5.
  4. Lightning Strike Spell: It will throw a bolt of lightning at the target area after 4 secs.
lightning strike spell

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